Why You Should Sell Your Home with an Online Estate Agent

Using an online estate agent has many advantages over using a traditional agent, but some people are still hesitant to make the change as some of the perks appear too good to be true. This post takes a look at the facts so you can decide yourself.

How does Online Rival Bricks and Mortar?

Why You Should Sell Your Home with an Online Estate AgentThe business model of online estate agents allows for a lot more leeway in their charges. While high street agents have more overheads to cover, and work standard hours in town centres, seemingly haemorrhage money. Online property agents work on a different basis. Through the internet, overheads are stripped back, making more room for home sellers to get what they want.

Agent Fees Explained

Traditional agents will charge you 1-2% of the asking price for your property with the addition of VAT. If your property has a high net worth, this can end up costing thousands in fees that really, in a fair world, should be in your pocket. Whereas, online estate agents charge a much fairer, one-off flat fee, as well as giving you different options for how you want to pay.

Getting Your Home Valued Online

In terms of a valuation, many online agents will give you a no-strings-attached valuation based on the information you provide, in collaboration with comparison, statistics, local government information, and advanced algorithmic formulae.

The Catch?

There doesn’t seem to be one. Online estate agents offer all the services that bricks and mortar agents do, and more. As most home buyers search primarily on the internet for their new investment, choosing an online agent is a savvy move for getting your home seen by the right people on all the most used websites. They’ll even take the photos for you, and take the lead in viewings, making your life much easier at such a crucial time.

Time Frames

Lots of online estate agents like to trumpet the fact that they can sell your home at an often alarmingly quick rate. But should you believe the hype? Again, down to their online basis, they have the manpower and internet expertise on their side to get your property listed on high traffic sites and get lots of people looking at your advert.

So, those are the facts, you’ll save time as well as money when you sell your home online. It’s always wise doing your own research to make sure it’s the right option for you, but online estate agents seem to the home seller’s choice for the internet age, and for good reason.