Your favourite movies that will be amazing in your home theatre

There are some movies you’ve watched a million times over yet, on the big screen with that immersive sound and in the comfort of home – it’ll feel like a whole new experience!

Whether it’s the emotions and memories that keep you coming back or the love of the story, some movies are just cinematic treats. Playing them on these amazing home theatre’s gives you the chance to appreciate the finer details so much more.


The Sound of Music

A family favourite, The Sound of Music has for years now, had both children and adults laugh, play and cry with the Von Trapp family. Now, you can fully appreciate the range and depth of Julie Andrews’ lovely voice with surround sound. Watching at home means you can belt out a tune with Maria and not worry about who hears.


The Exorcist

A must-have in any horror film marathon, The Exorcist still induces shudders and makes you think twice about venturing into dark hallways after hearing strange sounds. Imagine those bone chilling suspenseful sound effects and that definitive scene on the staircase larger than you’ve ever seen before. Your horror movie night will be one that’s hard to forget.


The Shawshank Redemption

In the mood to sink into a classic? The Shawshank Redemption is just one of those movies that connects with audiences. Oscar winner for its musical score, sound and cinematography, it really is worth take a few hours off to enjoy this all-time favourite. And can you imagine how good Morgan Freeman’s voice is going to sound via your sound system?


The Lion King

Sure, maybe NOW you only watch this in the company of young children but you can’t deny you don’t enjoy it! Having that opening score come to life through your home theatre system is enough to give anyone goose bumps! The exploits of Timon and Pumba will have the little ones giggling and let’s not forget the joy that is ‘Hakuna Matata’ which you can conga around your theatre to.


The Lord of the Rings

Whether you’re a fan of this genre or not, you can enjoy that incredible original score and the cinematography on your own big screen. Despite each instalment being 2+ hours long, this trilogy has kept audiences glued to their seats the world over. The effects- and the stunning NZ landscapes- will be incredible at home.


Jurassic Park

Remember what it was like when you first watched Jurassic Park? One of the biggest movies of all time? Well, watching it on your home theatre is going to be ten times better! Get up close and personal with that scary T-Rex (and all her teeth), the gentle Brontosaurs and the beady little eyes of those clever raptors. Giggle at the now-clunky CGI but get lost in the world of dinosaurs.

Your home theatre system is your portal to the incredible world of cinema – right there in your home.


Image by Eduardo-Silva from Pixabay