15 Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is probably one of the rooms you spend most of your time in, so do your best to adapt it to your style and needs. When you think beyond what the necessities are, dare to dream of luxury items that will make you feel spoiled.

In need of ideas? Here are some of the suggestions.


Touch-sensitive faucet

You are done with the chicken cutlets and you want to wash your hands, so naturally, you will smear the faucet to turn it on. Well, with a touch-sensitive faucet you can just tap it with your arm and have water streaming. The result – less mess, fewer germs and less frequent cleaning of the faucet. In case you sometimes want to use the manual handles, they also come with the faucet.


Domino hobs

If you enjoy cooking and have always believed you can prepare several dishes with different methods, then you deserve to get yourself a domino hob. Dual hobs combine induction and gas to allow you to prepare stir-fried food. These cooktops usually come in 30 x 60 cm dimensions but also in various types.

There are also charcoal-style grills so that you can barbecue throughout the whole year, as well as teppanyaki plates for Japanese-style meals. Whichever you choose, buy from the same manufacturer to maintain the same style and materials.


Wine fridge

If you or your family members enjoy good wine served at just the right temperature, then a wine fridge is the perfect addition to your kitchen. If you don’t have enough space for a wine cellar, a wine fridge will ensure all types of wine are at their optimum temperature. It’s a sophisticated machine that comes in many sizes – from a single column to those that can keep up to 48 bottles. If you place it on the island, your guests can help themselves while you’re cooking. Some coolers even include UV protection and anti-vibration to keep the wine at the best possible state. Larger models even come with a sommelier unit for sampling your favourites.


Full steam oven

A new type of oven can even steam, not just bake. It’s a healthy way to cook because you keep the moisture in and need less oil or butter. It allows you a lot of flexibility in cooking, so if you want to keep up with the trends, get it and compare baked meals with steamed ones.


Hidden power outlets

Of course, power outlets are essential to any kitchen but it doesn’t mean they need to be obvious, interfering with the look of your kitchen. It may seem like a tiny addition but it means a lot – relocate the outlets behind hidden panels or inside the drawers. Alternatively, you can place them under the cabinets.


Decorating the ceiling

Forget about that boring ceiling and play with specialized ceiling decor. Consider aluminium tiles, beadboard panelling or just mould works around the painted parts or the lights. Although it’s high up, it will add to the overall elegance of the room.


Unique sink and faucet

kitchen sink

Who says that the sink and the faucet have to come in metallic grey? Some companies like Acqua Bathrooms offer unique ideas like black mat faucets with gold handles. Nothing is more elegant than black, right? And it’s easier to keep it clean because every single drop of water is visible on a regular faucet. Or you can go even further – get yourself a rose gold kitchen sink made of stainless steel – your guests will be amazed.


Backsplash magic

kitchen backsplash

Add some wow factor with a quirky backsplash. You don’t have to use it all over the kitchen – designate an area where you’ll put whimsically patterned tiles, for example, over the stove. Go for a funky mosaic or metallic tiles – it will surely catch everybody’s attention. The stronger the impression is, the smaller the area should be so as not to go too far with it.


Hidden composting

Composting is a great way to reduce waste and fertilize your garden. Sometimes it’s not very convenient and doesn’t look attractive in the kitchen. However, some companies thought of a great way to handle the issue – the stainless-steel composting system can be inserted into the countertop, and it comes with a cover that hides the cuttings which will be taken outside. It will save you space, ease the process and fit into the kitchen seamlessly.


Heated floors

This may not be an obvious thing but it will mean so much when you get up during the night and go into the kitchen barefoot looking for a glass of milk or water. Cold months won’t bother you when the floor in the kitchen is always comfortably warm. Electric or radiant heat can be used to warm up the floor, just don’t forget to tell the installer where the traffic foot will be.


Interesting walls

Days of simply painting the walls in the kitchen are over. Consider adding a beadboard, stone panels or brick veneers, or even wainscoting. Any of these options offer texture and add warmth and sophistication to space. It’s an easy DIY project because most of the coverings can be attached with a construction adhesive or contact cement.


Creative countertops

Allow a natural stone countertop to come into your home. It has been growing in popularity and it comes in many varieties. It simply reflects luxury. Just make sure the base cabinets can support the weight of the stone countertop. They need to be anchored to the floor and wall. Otherwise, your beautiful stone countertop will crack in a few years because the foundation is bad.



lights in a kitchen

You can get really creative with the lighting. Lighting above and below the cabinets will contribute to the sleek look. On the other hand, under-mounted lighting will highlight the backsplash and ensure task lighting. If you need more height visually, then install over cabinet lighting. If you add a few recessed pots or pendants, you’ll achieve the ultimate luxurious look.


Perfect handles

Cabinet handles and pulls will dictate the style and age of your kitchen. In other words, you can make your kitchen completely out of date if you pick the wrong handles. As the cabinets are usually age-neutral, the right handles can instantly upgrade them the way you want it. Just be aware that if you previously had handles with two screws, you’ll have to stick to the same type later on not to uncover a hole. If you want to use a handle where you had a pull, then it will require some drilling.


Crown moulding

You may think that crown moulding isn’t going to lead to a luxurious look of the kitchen, but wait until you’re done. If you use crown moulding to finish the cabinets in the way they meet the ceiling, it will change the overall impression of the kitchen. Just think about it – there will be a finished, polished look in the area where the bottom cabinets touch the floor. Investing in crown moulding will make your money’s worth.


Final comment

The kitchen needs to be a room where you enjoy spending your time, whether you’re alone in it or with family members or guests. Allow yourself luxury items – the kitchen is the heart of your home, so approach decorating it appropriately. Even a change or two can upgrade the overall feel of the kitchen – identify what needs the update most and start with the remodelling.

Author – Patrick Adams