Why is 2019 a good year to invest in Leeds property?

Considering A Leeds property investment? Well, whether you are an investor with a wealth of experience or one that is sourcing a lucrative opportunity for the very first time, you need to ensure you know everything there is regarding the market and the unpredictable trends that you may encounter.

Investment hot spots across the UK become successful depending on many factors, and the wider economy and international investment can really help to boost the fruitfulness of an investment. Throughout the country there are plenty of people trying to decide whether next year will be the right one for them to make the most into property. Whether you are looking to embark on your first property venture or are simply a seasoned investor sourcing your next opportunity, Leeds should be high on your agenda.

Leeds is a fundamental part of the Northern Powerhouse initiative and acts as one of the main cogs in driving investment into the city. In terms of the housing market, house prices are rising exponentially with no sign of slowing down. Leeds city centre is a thriving melting pot for investment, bound together by a strong culture and world class amenities. As London’s house prices are dwindling dramatically, the capital is falling off the top spot for investment as regeneration is coming to a halt and investors are looking north to source a worthwhile investment.

People are continuing to look north in search of a solid area to invest in. Leeds has emerged as a stable city for investment due to the relentless student numbers, rising numbers of young professionals and a wealth of job opportunities across the city. Job prospects help to strengthen the appeal for graduates and young professionals, particularly as the job offerings are predicted to increase over the forthcoming years.

As the fourth largest urban area in the UK, the estimated population of Leeds is 780,000. Between 2001 and 2011, Leeds grew by 5% and has since seen healthy levels of growth. Predictions state that by 2033, Leeds will have a population between 930,000 and one million, approximately a 19% to 28% increase. Sharp increases over recent years is set to form a surge in demand for property from buyers, renters and investors from the UK and overseas, making 2019 a top year for investment.

Demand continues to outweigh supply, which is likely to continue into 2019. Demand is not only present throughout the city centre, but the suburbs are also becoming appealing for prospective investors as you can often source properties on the outskirts that offer more value for money. The supply and demand issue are being tackled head on as regeneration projects are underway with thousands of new homes and developments in the pipeline, aiming to bridge the gap between the need for adequate housing and the amount of homes made available.

Leeds has a multitude of ambitious plans that aim to add value and appeal to the city. Reshaping the city centre is an enticing factor for many savvy investors who wish to entrust their money in the city as transforming the city centre adds to the capital appreciation and boosts the potential for high rental returns. Property specialists RW Invest recognise the potential of securing a property in an up and coming location as they serve as the most successful investment opportunities with unparalleled appreciation.

All-inclusive plans hope to transform many aspects of the city centre, ranging from transport facilities, student accommodation and shopping districts. One of the main advancements in transport facilities is the Leeds Bradford Airport. A 12m extension to the terminal building is set for completion by the end of 2019. Opening access to new international routes, the terminal building expansion is on course to create over 200 jobs, adding to the local economy. Progressions in local infrastructure are in full swing, and the city looks set on a prosperous future.