5 ways to update your home

Your home should run smoothly and efficiently. The key is to find a balance between an aesthetic style and functional space. You can invest in stylish furniture to store your belongings and an open plan living area to improve the flow of your home. Your property needs to work with your family’s lifestyle and adapt as you grow.

Here are five ways you can update your home and upgrade your quality of life.

luxury ceiling lights


Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Try to make the most out of natural light to make your house feel bright and airy.

If you don’t have windows in some rooms, like the basement, you can use different lighting styles to create a soothing atmosphere.

Floor and table lamps with yellow-tinted lighting can foster a cosier atmosphere than spotlights. You can also make the lighting a decorative feature for the room by using unique bulbs and pendants.


Smart changes

Technology plays a big role in how the home functions. Invest in a new boiler and set of radiators to make your home warm and energy-efficient.

Although updating your home to a Smart home can cost a lot initially, it can end up saving you money in the long run. Especially with more efficient ways of controlling your heating, this means during the winter you can set your heating to come on at a certain time and can also change this if your plans change, then you won’t be heating up and empty house.

glass staircase banister

Open floor plan

In a recent Bankrate study, home buyers said they prioritised an open floor plan when looking at properties. An open floor plan allows the kitchen, dining room and living room to flow together as one family space.

It makes it easier to hang out together and helps to keep the home fresh and airy. Mirrors can also help to open a room and bring in more natural light.


Outdoor room

Plants are a brilliant way to add colour to an otherwise neutral room. They break up artificial textures and introduce different heights and shapes into the space.

Plants are also good for our mental and physical health and can promote a calming home environment. Some people are going the extra mile and making an outdoor room for their home. This can include anything from a large conservatory to a front porch.

Add a few cosy chairs, fairy lights and a plethora of plants to make your old-fashioned porch into a wellbeing haven.

interior decor

Wallpaper or paint

Perhaps your home needs some colour and character. Choose a fun wallpaper and add it to one accent wall. Or, if you’re a little scared of wallpaper and the damage it can cause to your walls – paint it! Paint is easy, affordable and can make a huge difference to a room no time at all.

Make your home a place for the family to spend time together – and don’t forget to add a few family photos too.