Aluminium Shutters – all you need to know

Be it for a commercial store or the house window; shutters are the best protective element you will find in the market. They protect the interiors from thefts, burglaries, intrusion, and even natural climate and weather. Amongst the several types of shutters available, aluminium shutters are the most efficient.

aluminium shutters
Aluminium Shutters

What are the Types of Aluminium Shutters

You may find versatility in style, design, and colour of the shutter, and if we have to bifurcate them based on operations, then you can choose from either of the following:

  1. Manual shutters – These are the ones where you will have to lift the shutter door while opening and pull it down to close the area. A roller is present around which the shutter wraps in the roll when it is pushed upwards. Most people choose manual shutters because they are an excellent choice for people trying to save money on window treatments without sacrificing convenience, and they can give any house a timeless and classic appearance.
  2. Automatic shutters– These power buttons for controlling the upward and downward movement of the door. For larger areas, the automatic aluminium shutters are the most useful since they don’t need any manual effort.

How Do Aluminium Shutters Work?

Have you wrapped a piece of fabric around a roll or a bacon strip around the sausage?

If yes, then you will easily understand how the aluminium shutters work. Hidden from the prying eyes, there is a roller rod with gear wheels that turn in both directions. If the wheels are turned anticlockwise, the shutter door is pulled upwards where the sheet wraps itself around the roll. Similarly, a clockwise movement of the roller will help the door to come down while closing. In the automatic shutters, a motor is present, allowing the rotational movement in the side wheels that cause ascent and descent of the shutter door.

aluminium roller shutter

In What Ways Will Aluminium Shutters Help You?

There are several reasons for which aluminium has become the primary choice for all shutter manufacturing companies. This particular metal is extremely light and durable, making the shutter compliant for different areas like garage doors, window shutters, shop closer gates, and others.

Here we will discuss some of the main benefits of having the aluminium shutters to make the concept clearer.

  1. Adds the aesthetic appeal- Aluminum can bring a wonderful appeal to the place, so it is often preferred in homes. If the surface is coating with a proper paint finish, you can further escalate the beauty and make the windows a remarkable sight.
  2. Different style options-You can either make the shutters completely opaque with no slit of hole present or design a perforated shutter door. With the latter design, you will be able to illuminate the interiors with natural light. This kind of shutter design is very popular for residential use.
  3. Prevents sunrays from penetrating– Aluminum shutter works excellently in safeguarding the interior elements from the outside weather, be it the scorching summer heat or the chilly winters.
  4. Highly durable– These shutters are very much durable and quite strong also which protect the interior from thefts, intrusion, or any other sign of forced entry.

With a zinc coating and anti-corrosive paint, the aluminium shutter’s longevity can easily increase for another couple of years.

Aluminium Shutters

How to Choose the Best Aluminium Shutters?

Choosing the aluminium shutters for your shop, garage, or shop is not easy. There are a lot of factors which you need to consider before you take any form of decision. Following are some of the things you need to keep in mind while making a choice.

  • Shutter surface area, height, thickness, and length
  • Roller mechanism
  • The presence of slits and holes
  • Locking system associated with the shutter
  • Quality of the aluminium used for building the shutter doors


Over the years, aluminium shutters have gained a lot of fame. These shutters are robust, rigid, and yet lightweight, which allow easy operation. Moreover, aluminium shutters are a cost-effective investment with efficient protection, so you can install them without a second thought.