Benefits of a pond in your garden

A pond is a beautiful focal point to have in your garden. But, its beauty is far from the only benefit your pond offers! Not only does a pond look nice, but it also benefits your health, your garden’s health, and the environment’s health too! Let’s take a look at the benefits of having a pond in your garden:

garden pond

They sequester carbon

This term refers to the fact that ponds have the unique capability to act as a carbon sink. A pond can capture the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere and trap that carbon in its aquatic plants. Even just a small pond can go a long way in drastically reducing your carbon footprint! Thus, a pond in your front garden is great to nullify those roadside emissions.

Less mowing and maintenance

It’s one of the chores no one looks forward to – cutting all that grass! On top of this, people have begun to acknowledge how distinctly un-green it is to maintain a luscious green space. Just think how much fuel your lawnmower needs every year. If you use weed killer on your lawn, this is a direct hazard to your health, too.

But if you have a pond, not only will you have less grass to cut – the pond will also benefit the health of your remaining lawn and the biodiversity of your garden.

Ponds are a natural air conditioner

Have you ever gone for a swim in deep winter and noticed how the ocean is relatively nice and cosy? Though much smaller, the same is true of ponds. Sit down by a pond in summer and you’ll see how the pond keeps its surroundings cool.

fish pond

Ponds increase biodiversity

These days, everyone talks about the reduction in biodiversity. It’s not just the bees we have to be worried about – we’re seeing less and less of all sorts of insects.

However, a pond provides a unique habitat that’s a perfect home to all sorts of unique, beneficial insects such as hoverflies. Not only this, but they also provide an “edge” effect, where you have two different ecosystems that meet. You may even find that frogs make their home in your pond!

Another way to increase biodiversity is to introduce fish like koi fish into your pond. Koi carp fish are a beautiful species, relaxing to watch and easy to care for. These fish are thought of as being lucky, and can even raise your home’s value!

If you choose to invest in this lucky fish, we like this koi food.

Ponds provide natural irrigation

Do your drains or gutters ever clog during extreme rainfall? Does your lawn ever get waterlogged? Lack of drainage is a problem not only for you but also for your local council, who are under pressure to process so much water.

But, a pond becomes a literal pool of fresh, healthy water that you can then use to water plants and support your garden.

Ponds reduce erosion

Up and down Britain, erosion is a growing problem. This is especially true if you live near the harsh winds of the sea. But if you dig a pond, your garden will stand a better chance against erosion in numerous ways. Not only will it support the health of your topsoil, they also boost the health of your other plants and overall garden health.