Revitalise Your Kitchen Using These 5 Budget-Friendly Ideas

We all know that an updated kitchen can be a tiring and expensive task to undertake, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult! There are many ways that a kitchen can be transformed on a budget and still look incredible afterwards.

kitchen with handleless cupboards

Regardless of whether you desire a fast fix or want to completely change the entire area, we’ve got some great ideas for you to consider in your kitchen makeover.

Switch your cabinets to an open-shelving concept

It’s a bit radical for some, but open shelving is very useful and looks sophisticated in modern kitchens. Say goodbye to doors and hello to open shelving to allow better access to your items.

While doors are helpful to hide messy cabinets, open shelving will encourage you to keep your space nice and tidy. This will result in you only storing the best, most-used items and getting rid of clutter and those mugs you never use.

Switch up your kitchen tap.

Updating your kitchen tap is a quick, easy and relatively cheap way to breathe new life into your kitchen. Over the years, limescale and grime can leave your kitchen tap looking worse for wear, so updating this small appliance can greatly impact the rest of your kitchen.

If you want something classic and timeless, then chrome is hard to beat, but you can also consider a matte black or brassy colour to be a bit more unique. It’s worth checking out some GROHE options to see what’s trending this year and beyond.

Use baskets on the wall for fun storage ideas.

It may not suit every kitchen design, but a trend building right now encourages homeowners to install baskets on their walls. These can be old wooden baskets or even metal baskets, but either way, you’ll find it a very different way to store cooking books, herbs and spices or simply as decoration. You could even paint these baskets to match your current kitchen colour.

Paint the cabinets or switch the handles.

Are you tired of the same boring look that your cabinets and drawers have had for years? A change is as good as a rest, so try sanding down the cabinets and painting them a completely new colour! Perhaps you’ve had the same brown wooden cabinets that came with your kitchen when you moved in, so it may be time for an update.

You could also replace the knobs or handles after painting, which means you’ll barely recognise your kitchen afterwards. Plus, you can easily purchase new knobs or handles from many home furnishing retailers or your local DIY store.

kitchen upgrade

Provide your kitchen with better lighting.

You’d be surprised just how quickly a room can be altered with better lighting. The kitchen is different from other spaces in the home, of course, which means you might want to have spotlights above the worktops and softer, ambient lighting in the dining area.

The right light for the right task is important because you don’t want to eat dinner in bright, harsh lighting, nor do you want to chop vegetables in darkness!

Embrace technology

Kitchens can be full of useful technology that can aid you with your tasks. You don’t have to shun modern gadgets and gizmos because if there wasn’t any innovation, then we wouldn’t even have fridges or microwaves in the home.

For instance, the Amazon Echo can help you remember your shopping list and even speak recipe steps while cooking. Contactless technology is great for taps to improve hygiene, and today’s smart fridges give you many more options for cooking and running the home.