Friday, 8 December 2023
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Spring Cleaning Your Mortgage Tips

As the weather begins to warm up, many will be starting to think about giving their homes a seasonal spring clean. But with soaring...
Loan finance

Funding House Renovations: Same Day Loan Vs. Personal Loan

Whether you’re planning a new kitchen, some new furniture or thinking about a loft conversion, a loan could help you get the most out...

Switching Lenders: When Is It a Good Time to Reconsider Your Home Loan?

There are both pros and cons to refinancing your mortgage. Today, we’ll examine the top factors that can influence your decision, as well as...
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First-Time Buyers: 8 Top House-Buying Questions Answered

Buying your first house is an exciting process. You get to choose a community to settle into, find design inspiration, and organise your belongings...
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Why is Debt Management so Important?

Nobody likes finding themselves immersed in debt, and settling debt is one of the most relieving things a person can do. Being in debt...
BTL Mortgage

Quick Guide On Getting A Mortgage On A Second Home

Ever considered buying a second home? Ever wanted to have a second home be your vacation escape? Have plans on giving your children...
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Can you Borrow Extra Money on a Right to Buy Mortgage?

People may look to borrow extra money on their mortgage for a multitude of different reasons. From consolidating debt to investing in home improvements,...
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New ways to buy a property in 2021

If you’re a first-time buyer 2020 might have been a bit of a rough year but with many housing opportunities opening up in 2021...
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First-Time Buyers – How Things Have Changed Since The End Of The FTB ISA

Since reopening after lockdown, the UK property market has rallied as many scramble to buy their first homes. Recently, the UK government has introduced incentives...
mortgage valuation

What to expect? Should you rely on a mortgage valuation?

We look at the ins and outs of a mortgage valuation survey and explain why they are not a substitute for a detailed home survey.