Mortgage Broker

Role of Mortgage Broker while Sanctioning the Loan

Mortgage is the financial term used as the medium of taking the loan from any person. Mortgage is used for many good reasons. While...
Legal Assistance for the Property Sector

What Legal Assistance Might a Business Solicitor Provide in the Property Sector?

Doing business in the property sector is exciting. There are new development projects to work on, properties to manage, or new listings to sell....

Mortgage approvals rise at fastest rate since 2009

The number of homebuyer mortgages approved by high street banks has risen at its fastest rate since 2009 after a price war broke out...

Dividing the Family Home and Mortgage During Separation: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

When it comes to married couples, dividing their property during separation is completely different than for unmarried spouses. Unmarried spouses have no obligation to...

How long will homeowner loan rates remain low?

Prospects for the homeowner loan market in the UK continue to look bright for 2016 despite slowing growth and uncertainty in the world economy. The...

5 Proven Ways to Save Money

No matter how much money you’re making, being able to save some extra money at the end of each month could do wonders for...

Renting property in the UK

Generation rent is here to stay, with property prices escalating again and lending restrictions on mortgages hindering those of us who are keen to...

10 Ways To Cut Your Tax Bill

If you want to be a successful landlord, you’ve got to be tax efficient. Portico London estate agents ask the experts, including seasoned landlord Richard Blanco, for 10 legitimate ways to reduce your bill.
What Is a Property Pension Fund and How Can It Help My Business?

What Is a Property Pension Fund and How Can It Help My Business?

In this article you will find out the types of Property Pension Funds and whether they can positively help your business. Read more for some great insight.
Home energy saving

33% of homeowners miss out on energy savings

Insulated walls, strategic heating hours and two-minute showers… If you’ve mastered the many money saving tips that have been floating around the internet, you...