Cramped Living Space? Try Out These New TikTok Hacks

Maximising space in a small house is every homeowner’s dream. But sometimes it can feel impossible to do so.

wall mirror

Interior experts from Stelrad have looked at unique ways to create more space using popular TikTok trends, helping you create the illusion of more space without having to relocate or spend a fortune on significant building work.

Key Points of Interest

  • Small space living has 39.7 million hashtag views on Tiktok.
  • Create a statement mirror on a budget with the TikTok Ikea mirror challenge.
  • The TikTok wall panelling trend has over 22 million hashtag views, creating the appearance of higher ceilings.
  • Floating shelves have generated over 58 million TikTok views, utilising empty wall space as a storage method.

Make the ceilings appear higher with wall panels

When you’ve got limited space to work with, create the feeling of a larger room by adding some panelling detail to the walls. Over 22 million TikTok views on the #wallpannelling hashtag show just how many people are jumping on the trend, adding simple panels which sit close to the perimeter of a wall a few inches below the ceiling. With the eye naturally following the framing detail, the illusion makes the ceiling appear further to add some additional height to the room.

Create statement mirrors on a budget

The simple addition of a mirror can work wonders for a small and dull space, opening up the room to create the illusion of space. Consider where the natural light comes in and position your new mirror to bounce the light, allowing the daylight to come flooding in and really brighten up the room. For maximum impact, a floor to ceiling length mirror will not only open up the space, but create the feeling of more height. The TikTok Ikea mirror hack has over 21 million hashtag views, encouraging people to get creative by buying low cost picture frames and mirrors to create impressive mirror designs.

Combine storage with wall decoration

Join the 58 million others who are viewing #floatingshelves on TikTok, unleashing their creativity to add a personal yet practical touch to their home. Especially in smaller rooms where space isn’t a luxury, floating shelves can be used to fill a blank space on the wall and add some personality into a room, using them to store your things in a decorative manner rather than cluttering surfaces and floor space. Whether you choose to display your book collection, items you’ve collected from your travels or stick to a colour theme with decorative pieces, add your own stamp and utilise the empty wall space.

studio apartment

Embrace the cosy atmosphere with tactful lighting

Small spaces don’t have to be restricting; sometimes there’s no better feeling than cosying up in a warm and intimate space after a busy day. The lighting you use can make a world of difference, brightening up a dull space or creating a warm and homely atmosphere for unwinding in. TikTok is favouring wall lamps, being simple to set up thanks to their battery powered functionality and offering a decorative finish that can complement the aesthetic of the room.

Save space with modular furniture

TikTok creators are loving the addition of modular furniture, selecting unique pieces that serve more than one purpose so you can free up more space. @themartinezcasita gained interest with her coffee table that extends into a desk and we’ve also seen great examples of storage units that double up as seating if you have guests over. To stick with the minimalistic look, our interior experts recommend making one corner of the room a focal point, putting the main furniture pieces in position and using the wall space to add your personal touches, hanging your favourite prints or a statement clock. By condensing the contents of the room to one area and leaving space throughout the rest, it will instantly open up the room and appear larger.