6 Design Ideas to Make Your Holiday Home Attractive to Renters

From a chic Airbnb holiday apartment in the city to a luxury vacation cabin in the woodlands, there are some common features that holidaymakers look for.

Open plan living space

Want to know the secrets to attracting more interest in your holiday home, and increasing guest satisfaction? You need these 6 design ideas to make your holiday home attractive to renters.

1. Optimise Space and Layout

For smaller holiday homes, optimise the space and layout with a living room/dining room combo. Multi-use furniture can be arranged and rearranged at will, to make the most of the surroundings. An open-plan design and efficient storage solutions will seal the deal.

This creates a more spacious atmosphere, which is always a winner for holidaymakers. It also makes any space instantly more child-friendly and makes clean-up between guests easier. It’s a win-win for you and your holiday rental guests.

If you regularly rent out to families with young children, select furniture with rounded edges to keep the more boisterous toddlers safe. With fewer hazards to watch out for, parents of young children can get the rest they deserve without being on constant alert.

2. Incorporate a Stylish and Comfortable Living Area

When people rent a vacation home, they’re looking for comfort and relaxation. Enhance these aspects of your holiday home by incorporating a stylish and comfortable living area.

Comfortable sofas, soft textiles and warm but muted colours all contribute to a cosy and inviting space.

Stick to darker shades and removable or slipcovers for the sofa when possible, though. You don’t want to make your guests feel too nervous to sit there for fear of ruining the seats. That will not achieve what you want – which is making them feel at ease and at home.

Luxury living room

3. Enhance the Kitchen and Dining Area

If you’re advertising self-catering facilities, ensure your holiday home’s kitchen and dining areas are up to par.

One of the first areas to show its age in any home, including a holiday home, is the kitchen. Modernise an outdated kitchen and you’ll soon see a rise in interest from potential renters.

A modern kitchen entails more than just modern fittings. A well-equipped food prep and cooking area, with user-friendly appliances, is a must. You’ll also need to include adequate tableware and utensils, ample storage, as well as a comfortable dining nook.

4. Create Relaxing and Appealing Bedrooms

When on holiday, rest is the order of the day. So be sure to create relaxing and appealing bedrooms that offer a haven of peace and tranquillity.

The most important feature is the bed, so get the best quality mattresses you can afford. Add soft, hypoallergenic sheets in subtle colours for extra comfort.

Blackout curtains or blinds make it easier for guests to get a good night’s rest. And soft carpeting or rugs underfoot will further enhance the blissful experience. Add a thoughtful and charming touch, with a basket of sleep time goodies like silky fabric eye masks for better sleep.

Neutral tones are also more restful, but don’t be afraid to add soft touches of colour for visual interest. Keep decor items to a minimum in the bedroom. Limit them to no more than two or three paintings or vases of flowers or other accessories. In the bedroom, less really is more.

chic bedroom

5. Upgrade the Bathroom Experience

Besides the kitchen, the one other space that can look outdated is the bathroom. But it’s possible to renovate the bathroom on a budget. Once again, swapping out the fixtures for more modern ones is important.

But don’t stop there. Add a basket of toiletry items and update your towels regularly. Nothing puts guests off faster than old, jaded, or scratchy towels. Hand towels and bath towels should always be clean and soft. White gets dirty very quickly and shows stains easily, so ivory or beige may be a better choice.

While many guests will appreciate the addition of a rainfall showerhead or whirlpool tub, the most important thing to consider is adequate lighting. Light colours and mirrors visually enlarge smaller bathrooms. But take care where you place those mirrors, to avoid unintended unflattering views.

6. Pay Attention to Safety and Security

It is your responsibility to provide a safe and secure holiday environment.

Smoke detectors, easily accessed fire extinguishers, and burglar alarms are essential. Make a point of highlighting these features when advertising your holiday home, for your prospective guests’ peace of mind.

Of course, fire and break-ins are not the only potential hazards. Medical emergencies can, and frequently do, happen while on holiday. Remember to provide renters with an easily accessible first aid kit and emergency contact information.