Reasons Why You Need Fog Security on Your Property

A security fog system secures businesses from possible theft by obscuring the sight of intruders on a property. They can also be called ‘smoke cloaks’ or ‘smoke screens.’ Security fog systems are highly used in sectors with lots of valuables, such as banking firms and retail organisations.


It’s easy to install a fog cannon into conventional security systems so that it operates when it senses an intruder on the premises. Once this happens, the security smoke system releases the fog, which clouds the specific room in a couple of seconds.

The fog has no adverse chemical effects but prevents burglars and robbers from seeing the items in a room. If there’s zero line of sight on valuable items, they’d have no option but to leave the area. Because of the numerous advantages that fog systems offer to organisations, many people are increasingly curious, asking themselves ‘what is security fog?’. Some are even looking for in-depth resources, like the one provided in the hyperlink, about fog systems, how they work, their requirements, and reliable fog security products.

Here are reasons why you need to get a fog system security:

Secure valuable items

A fogging security system helps prevent thieves from getting away with high-worth items. For instance, a thief who somehow manages to get past all the security systems in a vault would find their effort futile once they encounter the fog cannon.

It is difficult for the thief to see the items around them to determine which to steal. This will deter the criminal. Waiting around for the fog to clear wouldn’t be an option since it could remain for up to 60 minutes. The criminals would have no option but to leave the premises.

Secure people

A security fog helps to secure lives as well as property. For instance, if a security smoke system is installed in a bank and robbers breach the bank, they’d be unable to see anyone when the smoke cloak system gets activated.

Since fog is harmless, it would present no adverse health benefits to humans. However, it would protect the staff and customers in the bank since the robbers would be unable to see each other and the people in the bank.

Discourage criminals

Criminals are attracted to areas with lax security. If a business makes it known that it has a fogging security system, criminals would be discouraged from attacking the property. This way, the probability of getting valuable items stolen significantly reduces.

Zero damage to property

The fog that a security smoke system releases stays in the air for about 60 minutes. When the smoke cloak clears, there’d be no residue on the items in the room, ensuring no damage to property. This way, your business operations can continue without any interruption.

Scare criminals to flee

The smoke from fog cannons is made from compounds like water and glycerin and cannot hurt anyone. Nevertheless, if criminals see the fog, they could think that it is harmful. This prompts them to exit the property.

Fog system security is highly utilised by organisations with valuable items to protect. It deters criminals from making away with valuable items since they’d lose their lines of sight. You need to get a fog security system because it scares criminals to flee the premises, discourages robbers, protects lives and property, and causes no damage to property.