Why Should My Business Install a CCTV System?

Let’s talk about CCTV surveillance. Many myths surround CCTV monitoring – but the laws around cameras at work are relatively straightforward to comply with.

Surveillance equipment is also THE most effective way to safeguard your premises.

Whether that’s:

  • Protecting high-value equipment or assets.
  • Defending a site overnight or out of hours.
  • Monitoring performance and on-site activities.

The power of CCTV is profound and instantly changes the way people behave. Here we’ll run through some of the substantial benefits to CCTV for businesses – and why your company is vulnerable without it.

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The Benefits of Business CCTV

The first advantage of CCTV is obvious!

CCTV is a fundamental crime deterrent.

Cameras in prominent positions indicate that visitors, prospective criminals, and passers-by are under observation. You’ll also need to erect signage advising of live recording, which is a positive thing.

Lawbreakers thrive in areas where they can operate with stealth and will always think twice about targeting a business where they know cameras will record their every move.

That deterrent applies across the board, whether your most significant risks are theft, vehicle damage, vandalism or any other kind of security breach.

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Surveillance for Staff Safety

Next, we’ll think about your workforce. It’s common for some employees to feel resistant to CCTV (they’ll feel much less able to slack off if they know there is a live surveillance feed!).

However, business CCTV can be a sound way to protect the welfare of your workers.

Many businesses operate overnight or have skeleton shifts.

Those working hours are a higher risk than daytime operations since perpetrators know there will be fewer people on-site, and perhaps it will be easier to circumvent security controls.

Particularly in lone working environments, alarm systems and CCTV are an excellent way for managers to protect those employees’ safety and ensure any alerts are responded to immediately.

You can also install CCTV outside of sensitive areas or restricted access parts of your property – that might be a locker room, or a vault, for example.

Having live surveillance around these sensitive spots acts as an added deterrent and means you can be sure no unauthorised personnel have attempted to gain entry.

Research has also shown that CCTV prevents harmful behaviours such as sexual harassment, and therefore can be used to promote safety and proper working across the board.

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CCTV and Commercial Insurance Costs

The next advantage is that your CCTV could end up saving you cash – in addition to avoiding the costs of recovering from thefts or repairing criminal damage.

Many commercial insurance providers base their premiums on the security of your premises, so they’ll usually ask for information about:

  • Standard of locks.
  • Security processes.
  • CCTV surveillance.
  • Access routes and entry points.
  • Fire hazard protection.

Just as having a well-maintained sprinkler system mitigates the risk of severe fire damage, CCTV represents a considerable drop in the threat of unlawful intrusions.

Therefore, you’re likely to see your insurance premiums decrease as a result of installing CCTV.

The Value of Surveillance Footage

We often consider CCTV a security tool used primarily to prevent thefts and apprehend criminals – but it has far-reaching benefits that can be invaluable to business owners!

While you do need to have a prescribed reason for installing CCTV, that can include other management functions, alongside protecting against crime:

  • Staff performance monitoring – provided employees know where CCTV cameras are based and what you will use the footage for, you can leverage CCTV recordings to monitor staff performance. For example, that might be attendance times, productivity, or to check that training is going to plan.
  • Footfall observations – many businesses that allow public access need to be mindful of bottlenecks and footfall, especially where they need to make provision for social distancing. CCTV provides a snapshot of visitor density at any point in time, helping managers plan around those times of highest demand.
  • External CCTV surveillance – your CCTV doesn’t just need to cover your main entrances; it is also valuable in car parks, stairwells, or around the perimeter of your site. Yes, that’s a great way to prevent thefts and muggings, but it’s also a way to check on-site traffic management and ensure everything is running smoothly.

You should speak to a qualified business CCTV installer such as Cerberus to understand the best areas to place your CCTV cameras.

Of course, if you do experience any security breaches, your CCTV will also be beneficial.

Sharing video captures with the authorities can make a tremendous difference in the likelihood the intruders will be apprehended and acts as a statement to future potential criminals.

Business CCTV, with professional alarm response monitoring, is a robust and failsafe way of protecting your premises from multiple threats and showcases your commitment to excellent standards for workers, managers and visitors alike.