Pre-sale makeover tips – getting the full value out of your home

Now that your house is on the market, you may have found the process isn’t as easy as you thought it might be. Even though the market is competitive you know you’re asking a reasonable price and just can’t figure out why you haven’t had much luck. First thing’s first: it’s not you. Secondly, it isn’t necessarily your house – it’s how you’re selling it. Now that you’re intrigued, read on to find out how you can sell your house like the dream house it is (and even if it isn’t, it won’t matter!).

To say the least, selling your house can cause you to become very emotionally overwhelmed. As you reflect on the many memories – both good and bad – that were created there, it may become difficult to imagine leaving. Some vendors feel melancholic or even have a sense of grief at this time, and it is far from abnormal to feel this way. Some may, on the other hand, feel very excited by the change in their life seeing it as a new beginning. No matter where you are now, recognize that it is important to move on from your home emotionally before you can move on from it physically. Once you’ve done that, you’re one step closer to selling your house at its full value.


Why it’s important to make sure your house is saleable

A home isn’t like a pair of socks – people won’t settle on any old house just because they need one. They will analyse every aspect of your house and match it with their ideals and, maybe, they might take a second glance at yours. The market is a wide and competitive one, so you have to put noticeable effort into making sure your house is one that many will want to take a second look at. For this reason, your house has to be saleable. It has to be desirable. It has to be worth raising the budget a little to buy and be worth bargaining for. If it is not, it will be a thousand times harder to sell.

The pre-sale makeover

Because you are now a kind of salesperson and you know it is important to make your house saleable, you have to start considering how to do so. You can maximize your house’s value by giving it a makeover like you were preparing it for an important visitor – because you are. Below, you will find a list that provides a few ways to start:

  1. Fresh paint job: cover up those cute, but not-so-cute holes, dents and more with a fresh paint job. Use a variety of complementary colours throughout the home to create a relaxed but chic ambience and give the house some personality.
  2. Consider fitting shutters to replace any scruffy curtains, as they are more modern and offer more control over the light that is dispersed throughout the room. Shutters last for years on end, requiring infrequent replacements when necessary, and can be purchased worldwide. Modern decor gives the feel of a newer home, which will encourage buyers to offer more.
  3. Revive, repair and replace: revive your house with some deep cleaning – refresh any hardwood floors and have the carpets cleaned. Dust, sweep, mop; you may even want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service.
  4. Repair anything that needs to be fixed, no matter how minor or major.
  5. Renovate where necessary: have you always thought that the kitchen should be more modern looking? You could replace the doors and worktops for an instant boost. Renovations can increase your home’s market price and will work to increase its desirability.

Making some improvements may be just the trick you need to get the full value out of your house. Not only will you gain a few interested buyers, but maybe even many prospective buyers – maximizing your chance of closing the deal at the right price. Changing how you sell your home can change how your home sells. Now, use what you’ve learned and make that sale!

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