Handy contacts to have as a real estate property manager for your clients

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at the property management game or just starting out, having a go-to list of trusted contacts can save you from a lot of headaches. That’s why we’re throwing together this super handy list. We’ll help you figure out who you need on speed dial to keep your tenants happy and those properties in tip-top shape.

A moving company

The first handy contact to have as a real estate property manager for your clients is a moving company. As the name suggests, moving companies are experts in aiding people during moving to a new home. This is, for example, very attractive for clients who are leaving their property for another one and want to rent one of their properties out as soon as possible. By using a moving company such as getamover.co.uk, they will get returns on their investment a lot sooner.

property maintenance

Maintenance services

Every property will need a touch-up or repair now and then. Having a reliable maintenance crew can make a world of difference. We’re talking about the heroes who handle everything from leaky faucets to electrical issues. When these little disasters pop up, knowing someone has your back is comforting. You’ll sleep better at night knowing a pro is just a phone call away for your tenants.

Real estate lawyers

Teaming up with a savvy real estate lawyer is like having a guardian angel for delicate matters. You turn to them when contracts become hieroglyphics, and you need a translator or when the law’s twists and turns need navigating. Your real estate lawyer ensures that you and your clients avoid legal potholes. Having a lawyer in your corner is a must-have tool in your property management utility belt.

legal work


Think of notaries as the trusty referees in real estate transactions. They ensure that when a document is signed, it’s legit—no funny business. In a world where a simple signature can mean the difference between a done deal and a legal fiasco, notaries keep things up and up. They make sure everything is airtight and above board. It’s also super convenient for your clients to have one they can trust.

Insurance agents

Let’s be honest; insurance agents don’t have the best reputation. However, they are a necessary force for good as a property manager. These people help you navigate the complex maze of policies, premiums, and paperwork. They take the time to know you, your property, and your unique situation. The end result?

A tailored insurance plan that fits like a glove. These agents aren’t just good with policies; they’re pivotal in bringing you peace of mind.