Home Insurance – It’s as simple as it sounds

Are your possessions really that safe? Are you going on holiday any time soon and leaving your house empty? Have you thought about the precautions you need to take to ensure your home is protected and so are your possessions?

Many of us go away on holiday and leave our house empty and pretty much hope for the best when we arrive home, that nobody has broken in and stole our goods. We do not take the time to ensure that we don’t come home to a nasty surprise of a burgled house. The time spent on planning the holiday needs to also be shared onto protecting your property whilst unattended.

Your house needs to be checked up on regularly to make it appear that it is still being lived in and is occupied, a family member or neighbour should be informed of your absence and if you trust them allow them to have a key to maintain the property and your garden if applicable. Leave a contact number for immediate contact whilst away incase they need to contact you in a case of emergency, having this trust will ensure that when you go away again you can trust the chosen person and they can also ask yourselves.

Do not leave your lights on the whole time you are away as it will attract attention to your property and burglars will realise that your property is empty and will seize the opportunity, not to mention the electric bill that you will run up. Invest in automatic timer switches to turn on appliances and lights throughout the day at staggered times to make your home seem occupied.

A big error that is popular is allowing our mail to pile up, this is a give-away that your house could potentially be empty, burglars can easily look through your letterbox to see that there is a large mass of mail been collected over the duration you have been away. A way to prevent this is to divert all your mail to the Royal Mail ‘KeepSafe’ Service which allows them to keep hold of your mail until you return.

These are all small faults that we all brush off when going away on holiday, whether it’s a short break or long-haul holiday we still need to consider these options when travelling to minimise the risk of our homes being damaged.

There are options to consider when we are away from home whether it be a holiday or even a night out, we do not want to come home to damaged or stolen goods, should you follow all of the above there still may be a slight chance something could happen.

Therefore, if your goods are damaged, or your items are stolen you can find cover for your home through Home Insurance, if you do require more information on what is available to you, visit https://www.bollington.com today to get expert advice.