How To Design your Home With LED Strip Lights

LED lights are now topping the charts as far as lighting goes? Why? They are relatively much cheaper than they were years back. But it’s not just the costs that are driving people in throngs to switch their light fixtures.

People have also realized that LED lights are much more energy efficient compared to traditional bulbs. On average, a 60-watt incandescent bulb will cost you £4.80 each year, while a 12-watt LED bulb with similar lumens will cost you only £1.00. That’s more than 75% in energy savings! Plus, LEDs offer shorter startup times, lower maintenance needs, directional lighting, and application versatility.

All these reasons have further propelled LED strip lights to become favourites among home designers. Let’s look at some ways you can embrace and use these lights in your home for a quick makeover!

How To Use LED Strip Lights in Your Home

LED lights in kitchen

Mood Lighting

Do you want to impart ambience in a space? LED strip lighting from is an easy way to do it. Strip lights, unlike conventional lights, can draw attention to the unique aspects of the space once you dim ambient lighting. To alter the mood, all you need is to modify the light’s colour and temperature. Say, for example, you are lighting a bar area.

In this case, you can work with cool colour temperatures and some blue and green shades to keep people alert.

By inspiring a fun allure, you will have people hooked to the bar. Now, think of how you can use 12v LED strip lights in your living room. In this instance, warmer temperatures with lighter hues would suffice.

Vanity Mirror Lighting

Instead of going with the glow bulbs characteristic of vanity mirrors, why not go for LED light strips? They work just as effectively and bring out the beauty of the mirror without overshadowing its effect.

Besides, they do not take up much space and are ideal in creating a spotlight effect on your face as you work on the mirror. Whether you are layering makeup or getting ready to go out, the lights will serve the task.

To make the installation even more manageable, why not go with light strips that feature adhesives? You can stick them to the mirror and get prepping!

Staircase Lighting

Does your staircase need a unique element to transform it from drab to fab? Staircase LED strip lighting could be the answer. Rather than rely on ambient lighting, you can install the strips under the rails and steps.

This kind of lighting is easy to accomplish, and you can think of it as a DIY project. Install the strips under the steps, regardless of their materials, and the staircase will immediately feel much more elegant.

The stairs will also look much broader than they are, which is great for narrow staircases that often feel cramped. The light strips will be safe under the steps and should not cause any safety concerns. Are there any colours suited for stairs? It depends on your vibe. You can try warmer colours for an ambient space or go with cooler tones for an adventurous setting.

LED strip light

Lighting Under the Cabinets

Ever noticed that the space under your cabinets might be a bit too dark? Other than the poor aesthetic this causes, it also makes your prep area unsafe. One small mistake could have you nicking yourself with a knife. Let’s not even mention the risk of ruining all your recipes due to poor lighting.

As under-cabinet lighting has grown fast, people have leaned on LED strip lights to achieve a practical yet elegant finish to their spaces. Why? These lights come in small sizes that fit into small nooks. From kitchens to dining areas to bathrooms, they can fit pretty much anywhere!

Event Lighting

Unless you are hosting a conventional party where people will sit around engaged in conversations, barely taking in the interior, you need to go a step further with your lighting. LED light strips can help you nail the theme and mood of the party.

Besides, most LED light strips are DIY friendly, and you can install them without going over the budget. The goal is to complement the existing ambient and task lighting by imparting a decorative element in the space.

Whether you are using them to highlight the focal piece, wrapping them around furniture, or simply lining the ceiling, these lights will bring out the best in your party.

LED strips on ceiling livingroom

Ceiling Lighting

You may have noticed that LED strips are mainly used in lighting ceilings. While their small size may have you wondering how effective they would be, you’ll be happy to know that they come in various sizes. So, you can get the strips cut to your preferred length and use connectors between the strips.

Moreover, they can be installed in many ways, including surface mounts, pendants, or even recessed lights. This installation versatility makes them a good choice for anyone unsure what the best approach should be. You can use them in your living room, dining area, bedroom, and even bathroom.

To make control easier, go for light strips that come with remote controllers. Keep in mind that the number of strips will determine how bright the space feels.

Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting is not only for holidays. Your outdoors can always do with some lighting to enhance its appeal. Once the exterior is well-lit, you’ll have a hard time holding back from spending some more time outdoors.

So, how can you use LED lights for outdoor lighting? You can set up the lights around the pool area, on the fence, trees, steps, etc.

The lights can pretty much light up any space and are a fun and easy way to decorate your home to ensure it looks great in the dark. Of course, you must pay attention to the colour scheme and make sure it matches the mood you have in mind.

How about using LED strip lights on your walls? They would work as well as they do in ceilings, whether as decorative or practical lights.

With LED strip lights, the ideas are only limited by your creativity. Think of areas in your home that could use a bit of a touchup and figure out how to install LED strip lights in them. All the best!