Creating an Outdoor Oasis: Ideas for Revamping Your Garden

If you live in a house with a garden, you can easily transform it into an outdoor oasis you’ll enjoy spending time during all seasons, especially during spring and summer. However, there are some things you can do to revamp your back garden to make it as cosy and inviting as possible. Keep reading to learn more about creating an outdoor oasis with some simple and amazing ideas that will revamp your back garden. 

Garden look loved

First, to enjoy your garden, you should have your privacy – so work on that if necessary. Then, what you need is a comfy and appealing lounge area that also has shade. Installing a water feature will make your garden even more appealing and soothing, so it’s worth considering. Moreover, don’t forget to do some landscaping; there are so many great ideas online. Adding some plants, bushes, flowers, and trees will make your garden luscious and lively. You could add a fire pit to enjoy cosy evenings in your garden, as evenings are chilly. 

Create privacy

When it comes to enjoying your garden, one of the first things you should deal with is creating privacy if you don’t already have it. It will feel more like an oasis if you feel safe and enclosed. You can use various fences, patio screens and garden walls to privatise your little piece of heaven. Whatever garden look and feel you’re going for, you will surely find a fence that matches it. Nowadays, using garden walls or fences with artificial grass is popular. Not only do they provide us with much-needed privacy, but they also make an excellent addition to the overall look of our back garden.  

Add shade and a lounge area

A comfy lounge area for relaxing is the central point of every garden and is usually a driving force for transforming a garden into an oasis. However, adding a lounge area goes beyond buying a sofa or chairs and a table. You need to make it functional. First, you need a convenient space, so start finding a perfect spot you can always use anytime, any day and season. Make sure it’s approachable at all times. It would be great to install outdoor flooring or decking and a shade. This works as a protection from sun, rain and other weather conditions. It is also a great way to protect your patio furniture. 

Suppose you are buying a new property, either abroad or in the UK, you should pay attention to whether a house with a garden already has this outdoor area with decking and pergola – it will save you a lot of time, effort, money and research. 


Install a water feature

Even though installing a water feature can seem too complex and expensive at first glance, it is not necessarily like that. You can make a fountain or a small water feature on a budget with only a few things on hand. You can find various simple online DIY tutorials. The good thing is that you also have solar water pumps, which means you don’t need electricity to power your fountain – this makes it so much easier! To make a simple mobile fountain, you only need a huge pot (you can buy a plastic one that looks like stone or concrete, terracotta), water, some water plants and a solar pump.

Do some landscaping

Now that you have your privacy, a lounge area and a fountain, you can move to some landscaping. Find spots where you can plant some flowers and decorative plants. They will look colourful, appealing and lively and smell great. You can also plant some herbs to use fresh in cooking. Additionally, you can plant some small trees to look nice and have some fruit from them. You can also use various other things to make your garden more appealing: decorative stones, lights and similar things.

Add a fire pit for cosy evenings

You could also add a fire pit, as evenings are chilly. That way, you should be able to enjoy evenings, autumn, and winter in your garden. There are various ways you can make your fire pit. You can build one with stones and use wood to burn a fire. However, you can also make a DIY fire pit in a bowl that uses biofuel. 

These handy tips allow you to transform your simple garden into an oasis.