Improve Your Bathroom With These Simple Fixes

When a potential buyer views a property, the two most important rooms to them are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Bathroom update

Upgrading a bathroom can involve considerable investment. The average cost of a full bathroom update is £5,000. And most refits cost between £4,000 and £6,000.

However, it isn’t necessary to perform major renovations to give your bathroom a new look. Some budget-friendly options can give your shower and bathroom a brand new look.

10 Ways to give your bathroom an inexpensive makeover

Updating your bathroom will involve a little work and expense. But, compared to completely refitting the room, these changes are far more affordable.

1. Upgrade your shower

One survey revealed that nearly 80% of Brits preferred to have a good working shower over a bath. Showers are great for cooling down on hot summer days, and they are wonderful for rinsing away tension after a hard day at work.

2. Replace your shower head

Shower heads can get blocked, and after a while, they will build up bacteria. Change your shower head for a modern version and you will experience better water flow.

Changing a shower head is an affordable upgrade that you can do yourself. Learn how to easily install a shower head holder, and give your bathroom its first upgrade.


3. Replace the shower curtain

Shower curtains should be changed once a year regardless. Worryingly, shower curtains carry more germs than any other part of the bathroom.

That’s right, shower curtains have more germs than bathroom seats. Fortunately, shower curtains are inexpensive, but can brighten up a bathroom no end.

4. Have a clear out

Bathrooms and vanity cupboards tend to end up with old beauty products, freebies from hotels, and out-of-date medicine, filling up space. Have a declutter, use up all the ends of toothpaste tubes and shampoo bottles, and throw out the containers – recycling where you can.

5. Upgrade your storage

Now, you have cleared out all the odds and ends, upgrade your storage areas. Find a linen basket that fits your style for a simple improvement in storage and decor.

If upgrading vanity cabinets and such is out of budget, then consider painting them. Use low-fume acrylic or water-based paint, and avoid oil-based paints.

new bathroom

6. Upgrade the bathroom decor

While you are choosing a shower curtain and painting the vanity cabinet, consider your window coverings and linen. Changing your blinds and towels along with the shower curtain can give a fresh look to a bathroom without any major changes.

Simple aesthetic changes are a great way to renovate a bathroom on a budget. And new fluffy towels will be welcomed after a nice hot shower too.

7. Change your lighting

One way to give a completely different aesthetic to a bathroom is to change the lighting. LED lights are an eco-friendly option that will save you money over time, and they come in many types.

Choose from uplighting, pendants to add mood, or perhaps colour-changing lighting to make bathtimes a time to unwind.

8. Consider smart faucets

When looking at the options for shower head holder styles, take time to look at mixing taps for baths and smart faucets too.

Despite using smart technology, modern faucets can be affordable. Smart bathroom faucets are often designed to save water and will have features such as a temperature display.

bathroom with shower

9. Change your flooring

This is a bigger change than most, but one that can be essential. Typically, carpets have been common in UK bathrooms in the past due to floors being cold. But, 84.2% of Brits think bathroom carpets are impractical. Not to mention unhygienic.

If your budget allows, strip out your carpet for tiles. The right flooring options in a home depend on the room they will be fitted in. But, ceramic and porcelain tiles are ideal for bathroom flooring.

Tiled floors are waterproof and long-lasting. And a tiled floor will give a completely new appearance.

10. Install a new bathroom extractor fan

You won’t get any visual appearance with a new extractor fan, but it will make a difference to your bathroom in general.

Extractor fans remove condensation and help to prevent mould. Mould and dampness build up easily in bathrooms and this causes damage. Bathroom fittings and tiles can be harmed by mould so a working extractor fan is vital.


Simple changes can be made to bathrooms without a huge budget. New shower fittings will enhance a bathroom’s appearance, and make showering more enjoyable.

Smart faucets can save water and reduce utility bills, while a new shower curtain will make the room brighter and more hygienic.

Changing the bathroom floor will take more work, but tiled flooring will be cleaner and far more appealing. And, if you’re still worried about the British weather and how cold your bathroom floor is, you could always add a rug.