Great Host Tips: How To Design An Inviting Airbnb Property

Airbnb properties are on the rise. It is no surprise that many property owners are turning away from traditional buy-to-lets to make extra cash, and instead are opting for renting out their properties for short stays. Whether your property is in a scenic seaside town or the centre of a bustling city, getting the design right is essential to receive a profitable amount of bookings.

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Interior design is not something that comes naturally to us. After all, trends are constantly changing and it can feel hard when there is such a demand to keep up with the times. If you have no creativity that should steer you away from creating an inviting space within your Airbnb property. Some simple tips and tricks can take your property from an abandoned motel room to the home away from home we all dream of.

Why Make The Effort?

It is true that if you list your property with zero effort to make it stand out you will likely get a few bookings. These bookings however will not cover the costs of what you will be paying to maintain the property. Also, with the Airbnb market being so competitive, creating a personable and attractive design within the property is essential if you would like to rake in bookings and exceed your profit expectations! 

New Airbnb hosts often underestimate the cost of running an Airbnb business. Yes, anyone who is considering Airbnb should understand that they will be running a business therefore an exceptional level of organisation and effort must be put into it. For example, a large portion of your investment will be needed for cleaners to make sure the property is spotless between each stay. Consider what budgets you have for designing the property also. It does not have to break the bank to make a property look high quality, and you can reinvent your home on a budget.

What To Include

We have compiled our best tips for designing an inviting Airbnb property. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Invite Natural Light 

The first important design element to include (and a free one might we add) is to invite as much natural light into the property as possible. This might not be possible for some hosts as their natural lighting might be obstructed. However, for homes that have the capability, you should not neglect the value natural light can add. 

This includes making sure that no windows are obstructed by furniture and adding curtains and blinds to make them easy to use so guests can enjoy the daylight when it is out. This is just a very simple trick for making guests appreciate the design of the property even more, as dark and enclosed rooms are more likely to make guests feel uneasy.

Luxury living room

Create a Theme 

If you have checked out the competition in the area who are getting frequent bookings, you may have noticed a running theme. Whilst people may suggest copying the competition with their designing process, it is more effective to create your design presence in your Airbnb property. Find your unique selling point within your design that would invite people to your property over the competition. For example, if your property is in a rural area known for wildlife, you might stick to a rustic theme with animal-printed decor features.

Add Lots Of Amenities 

Amenities can make or break your Airbnb property. The reason why people choose short-stay properties over hotels is due to the home-like feeling, as well as the availability of helpful amenities. Your amenities should range from the smallest items such as soap and coffee to more expensive items such as a fully functioning dishwasher and washing machine. 

Before you splash out on amenities, you need to consider who your ideal guests will be. If your guests will typically only stay for two days, they might not require a washing machine. On the contrary, if you are living in an area that attracts a lot of business professionals they might stay for longer periods whilst travelling for work. They would prefer to have facilities to operate as if they were home. This might include a kitchen fully equipped with cutlery and cooking utensils. Make sure that your amenities fit the criteria for the genre of guests you are trying to attract.

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Focus On Comfort 

As we have mentioned before, guests opt for Airbnb properties because they would prefer a stay in a home away from home. One thing that can’t be taken away from successful hotels is their attention to detail in creating comfort in the space. They invest large amounts of money into the finest quality linens and also include luxury cushion covers to create an inviting, soft space. Make the effort to create comfort in the space, adding cushions and extra blankets where necessary so guests are as comfortable as possible.

Include Aromatherapy 

Additionally, you should not neglect the importance of aromatherapy. Adding stunning scents to the property using diffusers and also room sprays is a simple yet effective way to add to your property’s design persona, and make guests feel more comfortable in the space. You should make sure the scents are subtle but also notable.  Some guests might not like your scent of choice which is okay, but more than likely guests will appreciate a fresh scent when they enter a room.

Accommodate To Everyone 

Another important yet neglected design element that should be kept in mind is making sure your property is inclusive and designed for everyone. Having things such as disability access and lots of room in your property can get you extra booking when looking to have a unique selling point. This means making sure there is lots of space in each room on the property and making rooms such as the bathroom accessible for people with disabilities. This might not be applicable for people who have properties that have no stairlift access, but if possible you should keep this in mind.

Kit Out The Place

A final tip to include when designing your property is to make sure that you kit it out and add cool features. Things such as televisions would be considered standard amenities, but you might also consider adding a Netflix account so guests can freely watch what they want. Also, you might include ambient lighting to create a relaxing appeal to your property. Small technical additions such as these will go a long way when guests are choosing the perfect property for them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you hope to find success hosting your Airbnb property, the design features are essential to guarantee bookings. Things such as creating a unique theme, adding essential amenities, making it comfortable, and also adding cool additions can boost your appeal when guests are searching for the ideal short-stay for them.