Improve Your Home Accessibility with a Vertical Platform Lift

It is common for people to move homes and into bungalows or even assisted living facilities once mobility and climbing the stairs becomes a challenge. However, this does not always need to be the case… if you do not like the idea of a stair lift, then installing a home lift could be an ideal solution for not only moving around your property but ensuring you stay in your forever home.

2018 saw a notable increase in the number of older buy to let investors

An alternative to a stair lift

Also known as vertical platform lifts, a lift for your home transports you from floor to floor without the need of a lift pit, shaft, or machine room. Home lifts are self-supporting structures, installed with ease and with minimal associated building work. If you are planning to grow old in your own home, installing a home lift where your property has two or more floors is an ideal solution and something to consider as an alternative to a stairlift.

Against a stairlift, where you are tied to having this installed alongside a staircase, encroaching on valuable space and disrupting the aesthetics of your property, a home lift can be installed as a design centre piece to your home or, anywhere in your property where there is space to do so! Some home lifts only require 1m2 of space.

Vertical platform lift

Installing a home lift in your property provides independence without the need to be seated on a stairlift or to be provided help from carers. Planning ahead for the future, home lifts increase the value of your property if you ever wanted to sell or ensure your family are secure. With durable design and technology, a home lift has an average life span of over 25 years, versus a stairlift’s lift cycle of only 10 years. This alone demonstrates how advantageous and cost efficient a home lift is in comparison to a stairlift, with prices starting from £19,000 for a stylish, high spec home lift suited specifically to your property and individual requirements.

older couple

Future proof your home

Even if your mobility is not impaired, planning ahead and future proofing your property enhances your comfort at home through making everyday chores like hoovering and transporting laundry easier. Furthermore, if you are to ever host older generations of your family, you can rest assured they are able to also move around your home without difficulty. Making your new platform lift a beneficial addition to both your home and your guests.

In summary

Regardless of what your needs are or the type of property that you live in, there is a wide range of platform lifts on the market for you to choose from and some even have customisable options such as flooring, colours, back panels and more. If you feel as though you simply do not have the space inside your home for a lift, you can always adapt to this by installing one to the exterior of your property. We offer an extensive range of specifications for our outdoor products as well as our indoor products making a Cibes Lift a round family favourite.