The Top 5 leaders in real estate workplace wellbeing

Whether we’re talking about a residential building, an office, or even your own home, a healthier space makes for better productivity, increases employee wellbeing and in general, leads to a more productive real estate business. 

These five companies have developed intelligent technology to transform tenant wellbeing in any space. Office providers  are able to create a healthy environment for  tenants and increase productivity. If you own a real estate business, or a commercial property rental business, be sure to check out the following companies:

Zevo Health






Zevo Health brings innovation with a science-based wellness app. They encourage staff to take on healthy habits, establish goals, and improve their wellbeing. Zevo also provides a ton of content about mental and physical health, including fitness plans, recipes, and courses. Their most unique features are the tailored wellness programs, developed by psychologists and coaches, based on a company’s specific needs.

Zevo’s data analysis stands on five main pillars: Wellbeing, Individual Work Performance, Job Satisfaction, Trust, and Communication Satisfaction, all of which makes to a more holistic view of an organization’s health. They branch out towards remote teams as well, offering webinars on mental health, fitness, and general wellness matters.

Healthy Workers








Healthy Workers offers a platform where companies can continuously monitor and analyze staff wellbeing. Once their software collects the necessary data, HW helps employers to create wellness solutions that are within their budget and needs. The app also allows staff to discuss work experiences and give feedback, which provides management with valuable insights about what needs improvement.

HW’s software also senses and analyzes the physical aspects of a workspace. It keeps records regarding temperature, air quality, humidity, light, and sound levels – with this information, employers can create a comfortable environment for their staff and increase productivity.







Sprout works like Facebook for organizational wellness solutions. They count on a group feature that employees use to create communities based on mutual interests, and an events feature, so they can schedule fitness activities and meet up.

Similar to companies like Zevo, they encourage staff to take on better habits and establish fitness goals. Their most excellent highlight is an Incentive + Reward feature that’s adaptable to the company’s budget. Staff gets rewards when they complete goals previously established – whether by their employer or themselves – increasing compliance.






Welbot uses scientific data to help people achieve fitness goals with small, daily actions.

It works with three primary functions: Daily reminders, such as telling employees to drink water or take a fifteen-minute screen break; Custom interactions, where employers can inform and encourage staff to take part in wellness initiatives and benefits; and Critical Interventions, a feature that allows organizations to create alerts about company and safety updates to all employees at once.

Welbot has academic evidence backing them up: The University of Strathclyde researched how the Welbot app affected mental wellbeing and sedentary behaviour. They noticed a significant improvement in mental health and reduced depression, anxiety, and stress scores.







Airlite brought innovation using paint embedded with air-purifying technology. Their product can be used like any regular paint, inside or outside, and makes for a simple way to eliminate air pollution, as well as keep bacteria and bad odours from spreading.

Airlite’s paint is sustainable and has a ten-year guarantee. Other than that, it cuts down costs with maintenance, cleaning, and other air-purification services.


For commercial buildings, tenant satisfaction is paramount! Today’s workplace requires active initiatives to keep staff healthy, just like owners need to improve the quality of life for tenants continuously.

Technology plays a vital role in doing so by creating platforms, programs, and apps that allow personalized care for each person.

Article by Parcel Tracker (click here for more information).