Finishing your home’s kitchen makeover with luxury kitchenware

When you design a luxury kitchen for your property you have the opportunity to create a welcoming space that not only fits with your aesthetic and your culinary requirements but that also can truly become the heart of your home.

Whether you enjoy baking or preparing elaborate meals for your loved ones, there are some steps you should not forget to take when it comes to completing your kitchen makeover. Let’s take a look at some of the luxury kitchenware that can help you to elevate your kitchen design to something really high-end.


Why finishing touches are important

When you sit down with a kitchen designer, you will pay careful attention to your new cabinets, worktops, tiling, flooring and lighting for your new kitchen. Every item will be selected to fit in with the design ideas you have for your kitchen, including the smaller details like your cabinet handles and your taps.

If you are opting for the luxury look with your kitchen, the kitchenware you put in your kitchen could make or break this aesthetic, so it is just as important to pay attention to those all-important finishing touches.

Make time for coffee

Coffee is increasingly becoming the hot beverage of choice so why not consider adding a stovetop coffee maker to your kitchen? Incredibly popular in countries like Italy and France where good coffee forms an essential part of everyone’s day. A Bialetti Moka Stove Top coffee maker is a timeless and incredibly luxurious item that is the perfect addition to any kitchen.


One essential item that every kitchen needs, no matter what style you choose, is a bin. Opt for a good quality bin by a brand like Brabantia. They make a range of pedal bins that are sleek and stylish in design and will of course, do the job they are intended for perfectly. The only decision you will really have to make is whether to opt for a matte or shiny finish and, of course, just how large a bin you actually want in your kitchen.

With more and more household waste being recycled, you may also want to consider a dedicated sort-and-go style bin for your recycling requirements. Again, Brabantia have some fantastic options that will make a great addition to your recycling routine.

kitchen and cooking

Spice it up

For anyone who loves cooking, herbs and spices are an essential ingredient that is used regularly. Why not give all those wonderful, vibrant-coloured ingredients centre stage on your worktop with a stunning spice rack? For a luxury touch, opt for a glass and stainless steel carousel like those made by Cole and Mason rather than the more traditional wall-mounted wooden spice rack. Don’t hide your spices away, show them off instead in style.

Why not add a stunning, stylish set of salt and pepper grinders to your kitchen as well. Cole and Mason have a huge range of different designs to ensure you will be completely spoilt for choice.

Kitchen Appliances

Cast iron pots

There is something about cast iron cooking pots that screams luxury. The Denby range offers both shallow and standard styles of casserole style pots and griddle pans that complement the range. In a selection of timeless colours, they will look incredible in either a traditional or contemporary style kitchen. You could complete your cookware range with oven-proof dishes from the same manufacturer and in complementary colours.

Remember, when it comes to luxury, less is often more so don’t clutter your new kitchen with too many luxury kitchenware items; a few selected pieces will really help to finish your kitchen makeover.