10 Ways to Modernize Your Home No Matter Your Budget

Modern interior design is possible to achieve on any budget. You can upgrade your home to make it feel more modern with just a few simple changes. Below is a list of 10 ways to modernize your home on any budget, which can help you to transform your dream home.

Kitchen Makeover

Higher-end renovations could include an open-plan kitchen with a peninsula, kitchen island, or breakfast bar. Matching modern appliances will instantly update the room, as will clean lines for your kitchen units and countertops. Repainting cabinets and adding backsplashes are cheaper options and smaller changes that can actually make a huge
difference to the room.

Revamp the Bathroom

Some older bathrooms might require a full overhaul to bring them up to date with a modern bathroom suite. If new bathroom appliances are beyond your budget, you can achieve an updated look by replacing the faucets in the sink and bath, ensuring that they match your shower. Regrouting tiles or buying new towels and bathmats can instantly spruce things up.

Storage & Space

The best way to achieve a modern, minimalist look is to declutter your home. You need the appropriate storage options to keep your living spaces tidy. Tailored built-in storage units are ideal to maximise space and ensure that everything has its place. For more limited spaces and budgets, multifunctional furniture or floating shelves can be affordable storage options.

Brighten Up Windows

Installing different windows such as fixed roof lights can make a room feel more open and new. If such renovations are too expensive or impractical for your home, you can change the windows just by updating the window dressings instead. Linen curtains in neutral colours or roller blinds are simple but effective solutions to create a fresh, elegant and stylish aesthetic.

Repaint the Walls

The walls may only be the backdrop for everything else, but they are more important than you might realise. A new coat of paint on the walls or fresh wallpaper will immediately make the room appear different. Lighter colours achieve an understated modern look, especially if you paint your interior doors to update them too. Don’t forget to paint the ceiling trim as well.

Upgrade Lighting

Lighting can make a break or room because it determines the atmosphere and use of the space. Upgrade your lighting fixtures by replacing them with recessed spotlights or adding statement features like pendant lighting or a floor lamp. Accent lighting and hidden lighting are great modern choices; adding LED strip lights is cheaper or just updating lampshades.

Add Pops of Colour

While monochrome can look modern, black and white or shades of grey can make a room feel either too washed out or too dark and dull. Adding a pop of colour such as an accent wall or contrasting throw cushions, or a patterned rug or art print on the wall, will instantly refresh a room. Just make sure to harmonize your colour palette and don’t go overboard.

Change Fixtures

This tip is perfect for anyone who wants to update their furnishings without replacing them and breaking the bank. It is easy to upcycle furniture by painting it a different colour, adding wallpaper inside shelving, or switching out handles and knobs on doors and cabinets. New light switch plates and drawer handles in a matching style creates a pleasing effect for less.

Overhaul the Entry

The outside appearance of your house matters just as much as the inside, because it offers a first impression of your home. If you have a front yard or a driveway it is important to keep these clean and aesthetically pleasing. Even if you don’t have a front path or large walkway, you could modernise your entryway by repainting your front door and adding potted plants.

Invest in Outdoors

For those with a back garden or yard, utilising this outdoor space can expand your home and make it feel much more modern than before. Adding a deck or patio with outdoor seating can make the yard a much more pleasing place to spend your time. If you are able to, you should invest in greenery landscaping. Maintain fences, sheds, or outbuildings with some new paint.

Guest post by Interior Design Blogger Gina Kay Daniel