Property Inspection Report

Property inspection report

Does a close relative want to move overseas and live with you in the UK?

If so, an immigration Property Inspection Report is important for their visa application. This report ensures that your home is fit to house them safely and follows the immigration rules laid out by the Home Office.

As long as you are a British Citizen (or have settled status), you are eligible to be a visa sponsor for your family member. This means you can commission a Property Inspection Report to see if you can house them, and help move their visa application forwards.

You can create your free Rental Inspection Report in 5-10 minutes or less here:

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Keep reading to find out the details you need to know before you commission a property inspection.

What is a Property Inspection Report?

If you sponsor a visa applicant for entry into the UK, you will need to have an assessment of your property to ensure that it is safe and suitable for them.

A Property Inspection Report (also known as a UKVI property inspection report) is carried out by an independent surveyor. If your home is considered suitable by the surveyor, you will receive a letter of confirmation to support the person’s visa application.

There are several standards the property needs to meet:

  • Safety – the property must be safe, liveable and not contravene public health regulations.
  • Facilities – the property must have the proper facilities to suit the number of occupants. For example, there must be a suitably sized kitchen and bathroom.
  • Property ownership – it is essential that the property is owned or occupied by the sponsor (or their family).
  • Rental property – any rental property must have an in-date gas safety certificate provided by the landlord in accordance with the Housing Act 1985.
  • Rooms – the property must have adequate room space. This is to determine whether the property would become overcrowded if more people moved in.

If your property meets these standards, then it will be approved as a place where the visa applicant is able to stay.

Property Inspection Report for UK Immigration: Common Questions

Do you need a Property Inspection Report for a spouse visa?

Not necessarily. But if you get one, it will strongly support their visa application and make it much more likely to be accepted. This is because the inspection ensures that your home is appropriate and safe for them to join you. Property Inspection Reports are normally used when you want to sponsor the application of another family member or friend who intends to come and live with you.

How long is a Property Inspection Report valid for?

A Property Inspection Report is valid for three months after the inspection.

As long as you submit the report within this three-month period, then it will be valid. This remains the case even if the decision process extends beyond the three-month period. It’s important to have the property inspection at the right time so that it fits with the rest of the person’s visa application.

Property Inspection Report for UK Immigration

How do you get a Property Inspection Report?

Getting a Property Inspection Report is the responsibility of the sponsor. They can approach any number of companies who will use an experienced surveyor to assess the property.

There are also several rules governing the application, in addition to the general suitability of the property. The sponsor should include this information to get a report:

  • Their contact details.
  • The visa applicant’s age, name and relationship to the person sponsoring them.
  • The property address where the applicant intends to live.
  • They must also agree to send the confirmation letter with the visa application to the UK Border Agency.

How much does a Property Inspection Report cost?

The cost depends upon the company you choose to carry out the inspection, and the range of services they offer. For example, some providers charge extra to deliver the report within 24 hours. The cost commonly ranges between £85-150 to assess your home and provide the report. Also, you can choose the service that suits you best from many law firms, professional surveyors and estate agents who offer these services.

What information does the Property Inspection Report include?

The inspection report contains detailed information about your property, and will clearly show whether or not it is suitable to house more people. The completed report must include:

  • Personal details – including those of the sponsor, applicant, and any other occupants of the property.
  • Rooms – the number of rooms and their dimensions.
  • An environmental assessment – this will highlight any potential hazards in the Class 1 or 2 category (i.e., very serious hazards to health and safety).
  • People allowed in the home – the report will summarise how many people may safely occupy the property.
  • The assessor’s credentials – proving they are from a suitably qualified body certifying their role as an inspector.

Final Thoughts

Since a property inspection is a significant part of the visa application process, you can’t afford to get it wrong. It offers the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and Home Office solid evidence that more people can live in your home – and moves the applicant one step closer to a new life in the UK.

If you need help with the process, then why not download this Free landlord/owner property inspection report template? This will help you understand exactly what it needs to include.

rental report template