How to Reinvent Your Home on a Budget

Want to give your house a bit of a makeover? Creating a new and fresh space in your home shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. It also shouldn’t take up a lot of your time either. All you need is a bit of creative vision, organisation and an eye for a bargain and you can totally transform a drab and dull space into something extraordinary!

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In this article, we will give you some tips on how to do that, so you can create a relaxing and beautiful environment in which to enjoy.

Reinventing your home on a budget

The best way to reinvent your home on a budget is to do it room by room.
Start with the one space in your home that you most want to makeover. Perhaps the lounge room could do with sprucing up? Or maybe the main bedroom is lacking personality?

Whatever room you choose to tackle, a good tactic is to focus on the little details that will create a big impact without spending a fortune. Here are some clever ideas for redecorating on a budget.

Artistic Styling

For the bedroom, why not grab a new duvet cover? These are always on sale.
Doing so will instantly lift the room as it is usually one of its major focal points.

You might consider adding a plant too. As well as a new bedside lamp and a wall hanging. This will immediately create a vibrant new aesthetic which could cost you less than £150.
Similarly, for the lounge room or kitchen, to create a stylish atmosphere try to pick out a statement piece. This could be a pendant light with an eye-catching and unusual design that will literally brighten up the space but can also add a wow factor.

For your outdoor space, why not add massive pots with plantings like yuccas and palms to add a real tropical hideaway feeling to it?


Creating something new or refreshing an object in your home is all about imagination and artistic creativity. So why not unleash your inner designer and go for it?

Add colour to walls, pick out an accent wall, use paint or wallpaper, there are so many choices out there – especially on the Agora Marketplace. This can instantly make a space smaller, larger, or taller and it’s a simple and relatively inexpensive change to make, whilst adding a new sense of flow to a room.

Add trim to your curtains with a hot glue gun (so simple and no sewing involved. Winner!). Also, look at tassels in an accent colour, or ribbon in checks or patterns, to make them look high-end and custom-made.

flower wallpaper

If you feel like channelling your inner Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, why not go right out there and design a wall hanging? You can get very creative and utilise old disused items like pages from torn or weathered books, old shutter doors or leadlight glass and wooden place name signs. Alternatively, you can try piecing together discarded natural materials you can find lying around your local area, to create a distinct and unique centrepiece for your home.

Re-use and Re-arrange

For those of you on a really tight budget, the best thing to do is work with what you’ve got already. One way to do this is to move things around to change up the spaces in a fresh and exciting way.

Why not change the location of your wall art? Or move your favourite pieces into a different space to give them a holiday? You will be surprised how different a room can look with just a few simple changes like this.

Another thing you can do is move some of your furniture pieces from their current room into different rooms. You might also want to move a table, bookshelf or cabinet to create more space or a partition space in another room.

For a total change, why not move the angle and location of your lounge completely? By rearranging your soft furnishings and room accessories so they will look brand new when put in a different space.

Op Shopping

When redecorating, the Op Shop is a great resource to tap into. Buying pre-loved items will give you more bang for your buck. It is also a great way to add new items to your home and is good for the environment, it can be painting, art crafts, furniture, or even a mattress from Sleepify. Plus, you never know what hidden gems are out there waiting for you!
Aside from the act of redecorating, half the fun of doing it is the process of trolling through the aisles and shelves of a store to try to find a particular item to bring into your home.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of the feel-good factor that comes from finding something you really love too!

Final Thoughts

For those who want to reinvent their home on a budget, the best way to do that is to focus on one space at a time and don’t rush it. Instead of updating the whole house all at once, it is much more cost-effective, far less stressful and a lot more fun to pick out a room and refresh it. By utilising any of the techniques listed above, you will be able to transform your chosen space into a brand new area for you to enjoy with a sense of comfort and relaxation.

You spend a lot of time in your home. So it is understandable that you will want to keep it looking new and fresh without spending a small fortune each time you want to update and reinvent it. By honing in on the little details to create an overall big design statement, you will be able to do just that.