Moving to France From the UK Checklist

The closest neighbour for the previous European Union member United Kingdom is France and after Spain. Most British citizens prefer travelling to France for tourism. However, after Brexit, moving to France from the UK has become a bit difficult for UK nationals. They now need a visa and a complete plan to move to France. Many changes have been made to the immigration process after Brexit, and as UK citizens, you must go through the whole immigration process just like any third-country citizen.

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However, if you need more details on different immigration processes, you can take help from experienced immigration lawyers from firms such as Total Law and can apply for your move with ease. We have combined a small checklist of six steps that you must follow if you are planning on moving to France from the United Kingdom.

Here is an overview of the list, which we will be discussing in detail further in the article:

  • Complete your research related to the cost of living in France. Compare the cost of living in France to the cost of living in the United Kingdom.
  • Judge whether you meet all the immigration requirements asked by the French immigration system.
  • Get an accurate French visa as per your travel purpose and other requirements
  • Research and select the place where you want to live upon arrival in France
  • Get registered with the French authorities before travel
  • Get an address, bank account, different services, contracts and utilities in France during your stay

Get Knowledge About France

It is always crucial to look up the type of culture you are entering, the life you will be living, the rules and regulations, and almost anything that you can about your new country before you start moving to the country. France, if considered as a simple country, has quite high standards of living in contrast to the United Kingdom. French culture is quite popular around the globe and around twenty-three percent of the United Kingdom population is known to somewhat understand or speak French language. You should be prepared for language barriers, cultural differences and such things before your move.

Complete the Immigration Requirements

If you are a non-European Union citizen planning to move to France from the UK, you have to apply for an immigration visa and an immigration visa has certain requirements. Make sure to research those requirements and meet them. The immigration requirements might include displaying your French language abilities, your financial status, a pre-approved work offer from an eligible employer, a student recommendation/enrolment letter and such to the French government.


Getting Your Visa

The next important step on the checklist for non-EU citizens is to get a long staying visa for France. Most UK citizens can stay in France for a short time after Brexit. Therefore, applying and getting a long stay visa is necessary for anyone moving to France from the UK. In most cases, this process is important to legally work in France. However, if you were living in France before 31st December 2021, then you might get protected under the regulations of the Withdrawal Agreement residence permit and can work without applying for an employment visa.

UK Citizens Favourite Areas to Live in France

The next important thing is to decide where to live and the most common places that the UK nationals decide on are as follows:

  • Île-de-France, a sizable area in France that includes Paris
  • Poitou-Charentes, an area present on the country’s west side that is a portion of Nouvelle Aquitaine
  • Aquitaine, a region present in the Southwestern side of the country having cities such as Bordeaux
  • Midi-Pyrénées, an area present on South side of the country which includes cities like Toulouse and Montpellier
  • Brittany, this place is among the closest ones to the United Kingdom and is present on the Northern side of the country

Get Registered with the French Authorities

When you relocate to France, among the first things you should do is register with the relevant agencies. You should submit an application for the necessary residence permit at the prefecture of your new address once you have received your French visa.

Setting up Important Essentials

You could be asked to provide the following when relocating to France and preparing facilities and services for your new residence:

  • Evidence of identification such as passport, student visa, original residence permit, etc.
  • Evidence of residence or ownership of real estate
  • Information regarding your French bank account
  • If applicable, Information about the former renter, etc.

When deciding whether to move your electrical goods with you, keep in mind that the French comparable power voltage is different from the United Kingdom’s and electrical outlets are equally distinct.


Overall, the cultural diversity and beautiful streets of France make France an incredible place to move to. Make sure you go through the checklist mentioned above to seamlessly move to France. We recommend getting in touch with an experienced lawyer to ensure a positive outcome for your visa application.