Simple Ways to Warm Up Room Décor

Our living spaces are usually a clear representation of who we are and what we like. However, sometimes over the course of time, those spaces either lose that cozy feel or we just stop liking what we did before.

This is why it’s a good idea to spice things up from time to time, especially in the wake of colder seasons. Here are some interesting yet simple ways in which you can warm up your living room décor without breaking the bank.


Warm tones and colors

The fresh coat of paint with just the right color can make any room seem warmer and brighter. Earthy tones and rich neutral hues and many other neutral colors are guaranteed to make your space feel homey and warm.

Pairing your wall colors with fabrics and metals from the rest of your room is an ideal solution. There is nothing more beautiful than a harmonious relationship between wall colors and furniture and rug fabrics.

One thing is sure – choosing neutral colors and hues is the right thing to do and you won’t make any mistakes that way.


Cozy Fabrics

If you want to warm up any place, your safest bet is the fabrics. Curtains, pillows, rugs, and even blankets can give any cold space a facelift. And if you like the layered look, then mixing up different types of fabrics is the way to go.

Layer rugs over rugs, combine different shapes of pillows and different textures, change your old boring curtains for new patterned ones. Place a blanket over your couch for those cold nights, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. The difference will be immediate and surprising!


Warm Lighting

Nothing says warm and cozy like good soft lighting. Change your cold, blue-hued bulbs for warm, yellow-toned ones. Lighting can really set the tone of the space, that’s why it’s important to choose warmer tones.

Another good idea is to have different ambient lighting as well as dimmer switches. Cause it’s the light that sets the mood in any place. If you like reading invest in lamps and lampshades – there is nothing cozier than a good reading lamp in your reading nook.

Install sconces above your bed or your mantelpiece, as sconces give that cozy warm light and instantly make a room feel so much warmer.


Interesting Bed Heads

One thing that can change the feel of the whole room is the bed head. Bed heads come in many different shapes, forms and materials. You can choose from velvet upholstered bed heads to natural rattan ones depending on what style you are going for in your room. Bed heads center and anchor the room making your bed the focal point. They should also complement the rest of your bedroom furniture.

Either way, beautiful bed heads can bring style as well as a warm and cozy feel to any bedroom.


Bring Nature and Outdoors inside

Having plants inside your room is a brilliant way to change the mood of any space. Plants and flowers give life to almost any room they are placed in. They make it warm and cozy, plus most of the plants are easy to care for. A plant here or there will make your space fill brighter, warmer and cozier.

Apart from plants and flowers, another way to bring nature into your home is by adding natural textures. These include wood, leather, rattan, and other natural materials.

Wood, with its rich tones and finishes, is known to have a warm feel to it. It will not only give natural vibes throughout your home but it will also make it feel warm and inviting.


Wall art

Wall decorations are a great way to spice up your living space. Art makes any room feel welcoming and less empty. That’s why placing photos, art or pictures on your walls is a good solution in your quest of making your living space feel less sterile and cold.

The art you decide to put on your walls is entirely up to you. You can even DIY some art, the important thing is how you feel about it and how it goes with the rest of your design.


Objects of sentimental value

Decorate your rooms with the objects that have some sentimental value to you. From photos to knick-knacks, really anything that makes you feel joy and happiness should be showcased in your space.

You can place those dear objects on shelves, tables, mantelpieces, anywhere you’ll be able to see them. For example, nothing says a warm and inviting room like the one full of your favorite books. Shelves stacked with your favorite books with the addition of an interesting bauble or trinket is a perfect representation of a warm, cozy and inviting room.


Scented candles

How your home smells is another element in making a place cozier and warmer. Nothing gives off a feeling of intimacy and warmth like candles scattered all over your place. The soothing glow and beautiful scent of candles will transform any place into a welcoming home.

The good thing about candles is that you can make them yourself without spending a lot of money. In addition, candles can be placed anywhere in your house. They are a great decoration piece and a good way to make your home smell nice.

The warm and soothing glow of candles is what makes those long winter nights cozy and bearable. So, don’t underestimate the power of candles when it comes to decorating your home.

Making a warm and welcoming space in your home shouldn’t be a problem. Even small changes can have a great impact on how your room feels. Don’t let sterile and too modern designs ruin the cozy feel of your home. Just follow your style and don’t be afraid to let your living space show and highlight your artistic side. Our homes are places where we spend most of our time, so why not make them cozy, warm and welcoming all at once.

Main Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Author – Mia Johnson