Small Decorating Tricks for a Relaxing Home

Home is the place where should always feel at ease. You probably invested your time to make it as comfy as possible but there’s always room for some improvement.

If you’re feeling in the mood for changes, these simple ideas will turn your home into a real relaxing oasis.

1. Create an area of various colours

You can create a great calming effect if you group your favourite items together and make a focal point out of them. You can place them on and above the fireplace mantel or on a lovely chest of drawers. If they are in various bright colours – even better. Choose some attractive artwork, frame it with an elegant vase and add a unique pot. You can add a photo or two framed in a bright-coloured picture frame and there you go – you will instantly smile when you see this area.

2. Fresh flowers – instant change

This is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to brighten your space and make it more soothing. Fresh flowers are easy to get and there are so many different types that you could play with colours and shapes almost all year long. Just a vase in the middle of the room with wildflowers is all you need to create a lovely ambience.

3. Candles for any situation

No matter if you’re aiming at a quiet, relaxing evening or a lively conversation, candles are a perfect choice for both lighting and ambience. Spread them all around your home so that they surround the focal point as well as decorating it. You can choose between votives, pillars and tapers – they will all create a comfy effect. Be it tapers, pillars, or votives, keep a substantial supply on hand. Also, collect several favourite candleholders so you’ll have fresh candles and clean holders on hand when you want them.

4. Pay attention to the floor

The floor unites the whole space or it can even become the focus of the room. The point is it should create comfort and a cozy atmosphere. If you choose layers on the floor through several smaller lags, you’ll create a soft, calming effect. Another option is to find the perfect hardwood flooring which unites the room and makes everything warmer. Aromatherapy candles raise the atmosphere to a whole new level – you will feel totally relaxed, carried away by soothing scents spreading across the room.

5. Install an indoor water fountain

Few sounds can be compared to the sound of trickling water. It is pure heaven for our ears, so why not adding a nature-inspired Buddha fountain to your living room or bedroom? An alternative is a noise machine with the same effect or the sound of waves or a birdsong.

6. A meditation area

No flat is too small for a meditation area. You can designate a whole room for this purpose but if you’re in need of space then a corner of a room will work, too. A comfortable chair, a book or two, a couple of candles is all you need to achieve tranquillity. The point is to teach your mind how to instantly decompress and become quiet when you step into this area.

7. Make the kitchen inviting

Get rid of the clutter in your kitchen. Your coffee maker or a toaster don’t have to be on display. Remo all the unnecessary items and leave an almost empty space. Then, you can decorate it with bowls of fresh fruit – it is the easiest way to attract people to gather around the kitchen table or the work surface.

In the end

Even the slightest change will improve the mood of a room. Small details chosen with love and care will add to the overall effect of calmness in your home. Just one day spent on decorating additions can mean a lot.