How to Choose a Good Builder for Your Extension

An extension can add a lot of value, as well as additional space to a property. If you want to experience the benefits, it’s crucial you choose the right builder.

You might be tempted to focus solely on price when choosing a builder for your extension. However, the trouble with this is that a cheaper quote often equals a lower quality service. So, in order to ensure the extension is constructed safely and professionally, there’s a few things you’ll want to watch out for when choosing a builder for the project.

Here, you’ll discover how to choose the best builder for your extension and the top things to look out for.

Know where to look

Although you can find a builder in a variety of ways, it’s recommended you start with the Federation of Master Builders. You know when you select a builder here, you’re going to be getting a professional, experienced and qualified builder.

You could also ask friends and family for recommendations. These tend to be reliable as if they are recommending someone, it means the builder did a great job.


Gather at least three different quotes

While cost is definitely not the only factor to consider, it’s obviously still an important one. Prices can vary significantly between builders, so it’s recommended you get at east three different quotes.

This allows you to compare your options, taking advantage of the cheapest quotes. However, before choosing the cheapest one, be sure to check what’s included with the quote. Some builders will clean up and remove site waste, while others will leave that to you.

So, be aware of everything the quote covers so you can compare them equally.


Check their tools

You can tell a lot about a builder by the tools they use on the job. This isn’t something you’ll typically find on their website. So, when contacting a builder for a quote, ask them outright which type of tools they use. If they use a brand such as Milwaukee, you know they’re going to be carrying out a professional job.

The right tools make a big difference to the quality of work. Cheaper tools won’t create the same type of results which could potentially lead to safety concerns over the quality of the extension.


Look at their reputation

You can learn a lot about a builder by looking up their reputation online. These days consumers leave reviews of their experience with professionals; particularly if it’s a bad one! So, take a look online for reviews on the builder you’re considering using before hiring them.

The above are the best ways to find a builder for your extension. Remember, price isn’t everything so always focus on quality, reputation and experience over cost.