Smarter Storage in Your New Home when you’re Downsizing

There are several reasons why people consider downsizing when moving. This can be to save money living in a smaller apartment. Downsizing can be upon retirement when your children have grown off the nest and you want a living space that you can conveniently manage. Other people choose to downsize when they want to do away with the overwhelming clutter. In this article, we feature smarter storage ideas when downsizing your home. Keep reading to find out the best ideas for smarter storage in a smaller room.


1. Declutter for Smarter Storage in a Small Living Space

If you know you are moving from a four-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom apartment, there is no need for moving the four bedrooms. Consider moving just the two bedrooms for which you have space. Therefore, check around, identify what you do not need, or you are no longer using and either sell off the excess or share with your good neighbours the stuff they might want to keep. The advantage of this is that you can organize your storage better because it will not be overstuffed with items you are no longer using.


2. Rent a Storage Unit to Keep Excess Stuff

The storage units are a good idea when downsizing. Before you figure out what to do with the items, you do not want to move with, consider renting space at the storage units. The storage unit’s idea is also a good one when you are moving to a smaller apartment for a shorter period. For instance, when you are moving to a different state for studies and you need the bigger house after your comeback.


3. Plan Your Storage

Before you start arranging your items on arrival to the new home, take time to plan what goes where. Take your time, identify all the storage spaces that are available and plan accordingly. The mistake that many people make is starting to store everything in whichever space is available. This leads to disorganized storage, which encourages untidiness in your home. With proper planning, you can keep the things you need more closely or within reach while the items you rarely use are kept at the far most storage spaces. Use outdoor rugs which will not gain extra space in room.


4. Buy a Bed with Storage Provision to Create Additional Storage Space

The storage beds are a good idea when you are living in a smaller room. Do not waste the precious bedroom storage spaces with stuff you rarely use. The storage bed comes with drawer’s underneath that can serve as storage for your winter clothes. The underneath storage is also good for old toys or children clothes that are no longer being worn or ones that your children have outgrown. Purchase a queen adjustable bed with storage drawers fitted. In fact, this creates more space for your stuff and documents.


5. Store your Winter Cloths inside the Bins or Baskets

The bins are alternative storage for the clothes you are not using often. A good example is the winter clothes. These can be kept in the bins well-arranged and stored at the farthest corner where they do not occupy a lot of space or limit your movement around the house. Purchase the decorative bins or baskets that also offer the storage option. Apart from storing the clothes, you can keep your extra pairs of shoes in the baskets.


6. Consider a Smaller Bed to add on space

A smaller bed is a good option for keeping the house organized. You can keep your movable wardrobe on the extra space created when you bring in a smaller bed. Remember that for comfortable sleep, you must buy a mattress that will be suitable for the smaller bed. Learn how to finance a mattress for your bed size to make sure your comfort is not disrupted.


7. Set Accumulation Limits

After settling in the smaller home, you want to make sure it remains organized and as neat as you just arranged it. Consider setting an accumulation limit just to make sure you do not keep unnecessary stuff in your house again. When the accumulation limit is reached, consider what to do with the excess items. You can choose to dispose of them or keep them in the storage units you have hired.

Those are the important considerations when moving to a smaller home. The bottom line is that you want to keep your home organized and as neat as possible. Therefore, practice the above storage ideas when downsizing.