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Saturday, 23 February 2019

Tag: Student Property

How student property could boost your rental income in 2019

Find out why Property investors are looking for opportunities to increase their rental income in 2019, one of the most exciting of which is student accommodation.

How to Create Your Own Perfect Study Space

The perfect study environment can make life as a student easier. Students are more productive, can study better, and are usually more organised when...

5 ways landlords are thinking intelligently to fill their student properties

This post explains the sorts of things accommodation providers are doing to fill their properties, including use of technology and modern design.

UK Student Property Remains Popular Choice for Investors Despite Brexit

New data shows that over £3 billion has been invested in the UK’s student property market in 2016

Five Reasons To Invest in Student Property As A Landlord

Despite university fees rising as high as £9,000 per year for some institutions, the amount of students going to university hasn’t slowed down, and...

The best accommodation advice an LSE student will ever receive

It’s no fun being a student and having to live miles from your university campus. But with student rents in private accommodation well in...

Why invest in student accommodation?

The increasing popularity of new-build privately managed university halls of residence among the UK’s fast-growing undergraduate population is reviving interest in the student market...

Competition between landlords increasing in crowded student market

With an increasing number of students in the UK opting to spend term time living in privately owned halls of residence-style accommodation, landlords who...