3 Tips to Safely Move to a New Home During the Pandemic   

The pandemic convinced many people to change their tiny city apartments for a house in the suburbs. After all, who wants to stay in between four walls, listening to their neighbours bickering all day long during lockdown?

Now, whether you’re one of the buyers or you’re a renter who found a better place, your next step is not exactly exciting.

Moving day and the days coming up to it are some of the stressful ones in your life. If you add to this the stress of moving during a pandemic, it’s easy to see how it could affect your mental and physical health.

removal boxes

Still, there are things you can do to keep your sanity and see your things transported safely and quickly from one place to another. Here are a few tips that may help, regardless of your location:

#1: Get Professional Help

Sure, it may be cheaper to gather all your friends and have them haul your boxes and furniture in exchange for a few slices of pizza. However, this may also mean some of these friends won’t like you as much after this adventure. Also, you will have to return the favour at a certain point in the future.

If you hire a professional, you won’t have to lift a thing and all your belongings will reach the new house safe and unscathed. Plus, they’ll also do the unloading and transport everything into the new home (so better have a plan for it).

Also, due to platforms like Agoyu, you can find the best movers’ prices and book your date without even making a phone call. It’s also safer since you don’t have to get in close contact with the movers – just give them the addresses and your conditions, and they’ll do the job.

#2: Check the COVID Regulations

Most moving companies had to adapt to the new reality, which is why they have a specific protocol that limits contact between customers and staff.

Once you find a company that works for you, visit their site and check if they follow the main rules that keep germs at a distance (social distancing, masks, gloves, and disinfectants). Also ask if they make it a rule to avoid interacting with customers, to make sure no one comes to your house carrying the virus.

Also, on moving day, make sure everything is prepared and ready for transport. This way you can keep your distance while the movers load everything into their van.

Follow them in your car or take an Uber to the new location, to avoid being with a bunch of strangers in the enclosed space of a car.

#3: Opt for Plastic Wrapping

True, it’s less environmentally friendly than cardboard boxes, but plastic is also easier to wipe clean and disinfect. After the move, before you start packing everything, it’s best to wipe all the surfaces clean and let everything sit for a few days.

For this, you may have to rent a nearby house for a few days or stay at a hotel that respects the COVID-19 regulations. Still, it’s the best way to make sure you and your family don’t get in contact with any germs left behind by the movers.

Wrap Up

Moving is a scary activity, especially during a pandemic, but with a few precautions and extra care, you could be settled in your new home without too much hassle. Also, for a safe and event-free moving experience, check out these hacks and learn how to pack your things so that they are protected against shocks, scratches, and germs.