Why Should Businesses Invest in pop up stores in London?

London is the heart of the United Kingdom. Doing business here gives you the exposure you need to grow your brand. Whether you’re into fashion or manufacturing, an established firm or start-up moving into new premises; your business can benefit from having a presence in London.

This may seem far fetched given the cost of operating a brick and mortar store, much less in London.

pop up stores

However, you can still leave a mark in London with a temporary store by taking up pop up store London within a strategic location.

There are thousands of pop up stores that you can take up for a short time just to get the opportunity to interact with your customers, drive sales, get customer feedback and take advantage of the unexploited market. You can put up a temporary store, host a press conference or even a wedding reception.

These will draw people to your businesses thus giving your brand better visibility.

There are many reasons why businesses venture out into pop up stores in London. They include the following:

Low operation cost

pop up store London allows you to enjoy the benefits of a brick and mortar business without paying the heavy investment price. The temporal nature of pop-up store means you will not have to think about stocking inventory, bathroom supplies or even cater to other needs that may arise monthly like printing and stationery.

Since you will be taking pop up store for a short time, you will not have to take care of recurrent expenses that can bump up your operating costs significantly.

Remember, you can book a space for an hour, half a day, a day, weeks or months. You get to choose the duration you will be using the space and pay accordingly.

pop up stores in London


A pop up store is far much affordable than renting a business premise in London. You can get space in SoHo starting at  £240 per 200 square feet per day. This is quite affordable compared to renting space for a permanent store. A pop-up store allows you to cut down costs yet still be able to have a presence in the city.

Moreover, you will not have to take care of maintenance fee and other related operational costs because you can find a space that comes complete with everything you need to get your business going like furniture, utilities, Wi-Fi and other amenities among others.

However, you must pay attention to the terms and conditions to be sure everything is clear and that there are no hidden clauses.

Professional appeal

First impressions count for any businesses. Customers will be drawn to your business by just looking at your presentation.

If you have a small office but need to host a conference or seminar, you can take up pop up store in one of the many locations in London and host your attendees there.

This will not only help you to keep it professional but also stay organized. pop up store will particularly be beneficial for your business if you want to launch a product or carry out some product demos and get the views of potential customers on what they would like to see in the product before you finally launch it.

Better Productivity

Events that are held out of office tend to be more successful because you put in a lot of effort to ensure you get things right. With better management of resources and time comes better outcomes because you’re driven by the desire to get things done right.

You depart from the common way of doing things partly because you don’t know what to expect.

Excite participants

Office meetings can be too boring. Instead, you can hold events in external locations to motivate and excite attendees.

The venue of your meeting will always leave a lasting impression. It is a major determiner of how successful your event is altogether. pop up store will also affect how people perceive your brand. Therefore, you need to make sure you find space in a location that resonates with your brand or the kind of event you’re holding.

There is so much you can do with pop up store london to amplify your brand presence in London. Today, businesses incorporate pop up shops into their marketing strategy. Soon, there will be a growing demand for a pop-up store as businesses seek to make their presence known.

Ultimately, keep in mind that not every space will meet your needs, therefore, as you set out to look for space, make sure you look at the benefits of taking up the space before making a financial commitment.