5 Appliances Every Office Kitchen Should Have

The modern work office is undertaking some notable changes. Employers are aiming to create a relaxing environment where employees can cooperate with one another and create something special. Having as many amenities as possible is crucial for this goal. Kitchens aren’t an uncommon sight in many modern offices. Keeping your own kitchen well equipped is key to employee satisfaction.

Water cooler

If you could find one appliance that defines the office experience, it would be the water cooler. It’s such an iconic part of working in an office. In order to keep productivity up, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the workday. Most people don’t drink their daily recommended dose of water anyway, which is why a water cooler might actually be beneficial to the health of employees.

Keep in mind, the water itself isn’t even the most important aspect of the water cooler. Taking a short walk to the water cooler and letting your thoughts wander is a great way to relax your mind for a bit. Having that crucial break could help keep up concentration.


5 Appliances Every Office Kitchen Should Have

Ice machine

Speaking of keeping things cool, an office ice machine could come in handy when you bring a drink to work. Summer months can get hot, especially for employees who are constantly in suits. People drink refreshments to keep themselves hydrated when it’s hot out. Keeping that drinking cold is a convenience that is easy to afford.

Other than using it for drinks, you can also make some interesting coffee combinations with ice. Ice coffee is just as refreshing as a glass of juice, while also providing the boost that caffeine is known for.

Coffee machine

Coffee is one of the most widespread drinks in the world. It’s considered an essential part of the workday. A lot of people rely on caffeine to get through their workday. A good cup of joe helps you get up in the morning. Because of this, every office has some form of drink available for its workers.

Waiting for someone else to finish up with the coffee pot can take up a lot of time. Coffee machines provide a convenient and quick way to get to your daily dose of caffeine. With the press of a button, you get the exact type of coffee you want. Higher quality machines might give you more bang for your buck, but any old model will do as long as it has coffee.


5 Appliances Every Office Kitchen Should Have


Can’t have a kitchen without a refrigerator. Offices are no exception to this rule. You’re probably not going to keep a lot of frozen food in here, but it’s important to have someplace to put your food in to keep it fresh. A lot of employees prepare their own food at home and then bring it to work. Since the workday can be up to ten hours, they need to keep that food fresh somehow.

Much like the food they contain, fridges have their own shelf life. They need to be maintained properly in order to work. Just like any other appliance, they are prone to breaking, which is why it might be wise to have some appliance spare parts on hand in case of emergencies.


You won’t see a lot of cooking going on in an office environment. After all, it’s not exactly a restaurant. Stoves might be used to make some coffee every once in a while, but that’s it. Still, what if employees want to make a light snack for themselves? A microwave might just be the thing they need.

They’re great for making some mildly nutritious snacks that can help employees get through the day. Microwave-ready meals aren’t out of the question either. There are some recipes you can make with just a microwave and some basic ingredients. It’s a pretty versatile appliance that is severely underutilized in many offices.


5 Appliances Every Office Kitchen Should Have


A lot of younger employees treat their office as a second home. Employers can’t give them every single amenity that their home has, but keeping the kitchen well-equipped is as close as it gets. If the employees are able to enjoy their break time and grab a snack, the kitchen is doing its job just fine. With these added tools, you can expect productivity and employee satisfaction to rise quickly.

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