Important Facts You Need to Know About Exposed Concrete Driveway

Exposed aggregate concrete is perfect for patio, driveway and sidewalk. The beauty of exposed concrete driveway lies in the finishing which tends to expose smooth and textured surface of small pebbles and stones that form a part of concrete. It is just opposite to plain concrete having a smooth finishing where visible surfaces are just composed of ‘fines’ lying within the concrete. The best part here is that it creates a random pattern to offer visual interest and a sense of color. Not only it is colorful, attractive, but also it is non-slip and low maintenance.

Flexible and versatile option

Exposed aggregate is so flexible that it may be used in a variety of places. Place it virtually anywhere and you will love the appeal. The end result is always a beautiful and uniquely designed look compared to none. It has all the features of regular concrete like it is beautiful, has great durability, flexibility and strength and is also low maintenance. Within the exposed concrete driveways, there are a variety of options. You may select the option which is durable and best meant for your home. This is decorative and ornamental concrete in which aggregate tends to mix with pebbles, cement and also small sized stones. Small sized stones and pebbles are actually exposed to act as contrast to smooth surfaces featuring plain finish.

A lot of visual curiosity is associated here 

Exposed concrete driveway creates a lot of visual curiosity as the design gets unpredictable. The surface reveals beautiful and colorful pebbles and stones. It offers a sort of special effect to the surface. You may attain a spectacular effect at a cost which is reasonable. Being versatile in nature, it fabulously contrasts with plain concrete and various decorative treatments like staining, stamping, integral coloring, etc.

It is easy to maintain concrete driveway

If you are looking to provide your old or new concrete surface an attractive look, you may opt for exposed concrete driveway. The low-cost method or technique offers an attractive look to the surface. It also highlights the durability feature of the concrete. As the option is a lot durable, some of the most typical usages of exposed concrete are the creation of surfaces for sidewalks, patio, driveways, pool decks and plazas. The material option may be utilized for creating decorative walls, entrances or building facades.

The surface is hardwearing

The concrete driveway surface is hardwearing and can withstand heavy foot. It may also bear heavy vehicular traffic and is more cost effective than ornamental concrete methods. The surface may have unlimited colors and textures and, so you may go for customized appearances. Just a periodic cleaning or sealing is needed but this surface needs the least maintenance. There is also no risk of slipping as the surface features slip resistance.

There are some noteworthy benefits of exposed concrete driveway:

  • The basic procedure of installing the surface is easy and may be mastered even by a non-professional.
  • This surface is slip-resistant, non-skid, rugged and stays unaffected even if experiences heavy traffic.
  • It offers the benefits of attaining unlimited variations in colors and textures. Decorative aggregate is available in various sizes and types.
  • The technique is popular since the 20th century and now also it retains its popularity and demand

Exposed aggregate mainly uses two methods

You may attain exposed aggregate concrete by using two methods. They are surface dressing and washed to expose. The type of aggregate you choose will determine the finishing you get. Whether you want a driveway which lasts for a long time or something that boosts the curb appeal of your exteriors, you may go for exposed concrete driveway.