Lonely Marketer – How Best To Handle Cold Leads

Leads, leads, leads. That’s what good marketing is all about. But what are leads without conversions? (waste of time in my view)

Lonely Marketer recently spoke to Stephen Brown.

In the Lonely Marketer Q&A session Stephen covers:

– His top 3 tips on how to handle cold leads from a website, such as from an instant valuation form.
– The best ways to nurture a cold lead for the highest chance of conversion.
– What is a healthy pipeline for an existing business or a start-up and how often should a sales negotiator interact with the prospects via phone and other digital assets?
– How important is pricing in a marketing campaign and should a business mention their fees on their websites and base their campaigns on price reductions to attract more vendors?

Watch clips below:


Should Estate Agents Discount Their Fees To Win More Instructions?


How Often To Follow Up Cold Leads


How to Turn Instant Valuation Leads To Instructions

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