How To Find Student Accommodation In London?

London is an amazing city to live in and is ranked the second-best student city in the world. From prestigious universities to famous nightclubs, and from gleaming skyscrapers to leafy green parks, this British capital has it all.

However, international students often face several challenges in London, one being finding suitable student accommodation.  London city has a lot of housing options to offer you, but the competition is fierce. There is always someone waiting to rent them.

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Finding student accommodation can be difficult and overwhelming, especially if you’re new to London. But with the help of these tips, you’ll find accommodation in the UK with ease.

Let’s check them out!

Know what you’re looking for .The first step for searching for suitable student accommodation is knowing what you want. It is important to have a list of non-negotiable options to help you start the search.

Do you want a cheap student accommodation London or a pricey one?  Are you searching for shared student rooms?  Do you want a one or a two-bedroom?

The process of finding suitable accommodation can be time-consuming and devastating, and sometime you might not find enough time to complete your schoolwork. However, there are great UK writing services and custom essay writing service for scholars that can help you with the essays and assignment. It’s also important to do online research for the student accommodations. This can save you tiresome walks in the endless streets of London.

 Researching Housing Options

  • University student halls

They are cheaper than private property. Usually, they’re near the university campus, so you won’t have to be late for morning classes and can access university facilities like a library with ease.

However, the number of student rooms in these halls often less than the number of enrolled students, so it’s wise to apply early.

  • Private student halls

If you didn’t secure a room at the university student hall, you have the option of living in private student halls. These student halls are under private property management and are more expensive.  But they come with better conditions (24-hour security) and flexible conditions.

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Furthermore, you get to meet a wider selection of people because people living in these halls are from different universities.

  • Renting a room

Renting a room, flat, or share house requires more research.  The prices for these properties might vary depending on the location and living conditions. Make sure they’re properly furnished before you move in.  If you don’t have a friend to live with there are many rooms in flatshares you can rent.

London accomondation

Act quickly

Ensure that you research for accommodation early. If you want to get a room at a University’s student hall, apply before the deadline.  Properties and rooms in London move so fast, so if you’re not quick to act, you might not find good accommodation in time.

Have a list thing you want from your desired accommodation in hand, so you can quickly and comfortably act on them. Also, think of other factors like the security and transportation of a location.

If you find a place that appeals to you, arrange to view it immediately.

Location of student accommodation

The cost of student accommodations may vary from one location to another.  Therefore, it’s important to research and find accommodation that meets your needs, and you can get value for your money.

Houses closer to central London cost higher.  Find a suitable area that fits your budget according and factor in transportation costs.

Other things to consider include:

  • Travel costs
  • Security of the area
  • Local amenities
  • Distance from university

Always ask for help

London is a big city, and it can be so overwhelming when searching for a place to live for the first time. But you don’t have to do it alone; you seek assistance from university accommodations office or independent property consultants.

With the help of these tips, you can easily find accommodation in London and start focusing on your education. Don’t miss a chance to visit historical places in London like the Tower of London and Eltham Palace.