How To Safely Remove An Old Glass Splashback

Adding a glass splashback to your kitchen can provide you with a wide range of benefits. These stylish additions help to protect your walls and tiles from damage and stains, while they are also able to simply wipe clean.

However, if you are looking to update yours or redecorate your kitchen, how do you safely remove an old glass splashback? We thought we would take a closer look to help you.

What equipment do you need for the job?

When it comes to safely removing a glass splashback from your walls, it is vital that you have the right tools for the job. Thankfully, this project does not require any specialist tools, and you will be able to get the supplies you need from any good DIY store.

To get started, you will need:

  • A wire cheese cutter
  • A rubber hammer
  • A crowbar, or if not a chisel
  • Plastic bin bags
  • Spare cloths or old towels
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection

With these tools, you will be able to safely remove your splashback. It is always advisable that you should undertake this task with the help of a friend rather than trying to do it on your own. Having a spare pair of hands on standby to help you support the weight will also make things much easier.


Before you start the removal, you should ensure that your kitchen is prepared. To do this, first clear your kitchen countertops of anything that might be sat on them. This will help to make clean-up easier should the glass not come off in one piece.

Once clear, you should then place your cloths or towels over the counter to prevent damage. It is also an idea to plug your sink to avoid anything falling down the drain and becoming blocked.

How to remove your glass splashback without it breaking

To stand the best chance of removing your coloured or clear glass splashback in one piece, there are three key steps to remember:

  • Cut through the silicone 

Your first step should be to cut through the silicone sealant from the corner to the centre using your wire cheese cutter. To do this, apply steady pressure as you slice, taking your time and keeping the wire moving diagonally downwards. 

  • Repeat on the other side 

Next, repeat the process on the opposite corner. 

  • Ease the glass away 

Once your cuts have been made, use a chisel to ease the glass away from the wall. Having someone to help you support the weight can be very useful here.

If you find that your wire cheese cutter cannot cut through the silicone, then use your rubber hammer to carefully break the splashback into small pieces. When doing this, start at the outer edges and work your way inwards. If any glass is too stubborn to come off the wall, use your chisel to pry it away.

Once safely removed, be careful when cleaning up in case of any sharp shards that might have landed on your kitchen counters.