What is an Art Consultant, and What Services Do They Offer?

Art Consultants play a key role in purchasing and acquiring art for private collections, corporate and commercial spaces, and private homes. They often work with interior designers, real estate agents, investors, and property developers to plan art in an area that will appeal to buyers or create a coherent vision for development. An art consultant aims to understand the needs and requirements of their clients and source the best art for the unique needs of the specific property and client.

While there is a mix of what an art consultant handles, many operate in the contemporary sphere. What services can be expected from an experienced art consultant?


Firstly, they often specialise in a particular area, so it’s best to find someone with a background in your sphere when choosing a consultant for your property. Services offered too will vary between consultants; however, a few core services are expected to be standard among most professionals in the field.

Getting Started Advice

A good art consultant will provide all the information needed to start a client on an art-acquiring adventure for their specific property needs. The process may begin with an in-depth consultation to understand requirements, evaluate the intended space, and identify art styles and opportunities that may best suit the client’s vision. The consultant will also assist in creating an artistic brief that will be used by supporting professionals throughout the process to uncover the best art from the start.

Curation of Art for Your Space

When looking for pre-made art, an Art Consultant can help select a range of styles and mediums to suit the client’s needs and space. They can also arrange the layout throughout the building to adhere to a chosen narrative outlined in the creative brief while also overseeing transportation and installation of the unique collection to ensure a top-notch and professional presentation in a house up for sale or a new luxury high-rise.


Commissioning is when a client requests an artist to create art exclusively for their property. As each commission is a fully bespoke piece or multiple pieces, the client can have substantial input into the creative process to determine the result. The Art Consultant will also support the process by maintaining regular check-ins between the artist and the client, overseeing the commission’s progress, and ensuring the piece or pieces proceed on deadline.

Art Installation & Logistics

Technical expertise is essential for the shipping and installation of artworks. A good art consultant will provide beginning-to-end project management for art collections they oversee and help acquire. This outsourcing also includes knowing how to present artworks to safety standards and additional professional assistance to curate custom art fixings and framing for high-end presentation and refinement no matter what space they are installed.

The Best Approach

Finding a great Art Consultant passionate about delivering quality art to art lovers will allow a variety of property clients to rest assured that their projects and acquisitions will be the best they can be.

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