Importance of Security Doors

In order to safeguard your property and your belongings, security is a big need in homes nowadays. With the increase of security and safety issues, there is also a high increased demand for security doors at your property. The ability of our homes and offices to keep us safe from strangers is only effective if the doors can hold the criminals and the trespassers on the other side and prevent them from entering. The security doors have different types of locks and chains like deadbolt locks, door strike reinforces, security chains and some sort of alarm which prevents forced entry. A good security door is either made up of metal or hardwood. Plywood and composite materials are not strong enough to withstand the force; they can be easily rammed and damaged in a few kicks as they are weak. These doors do not allow strangers to make a way into the house easily. Security doors will improve your privacy and protect your business from unwanted intrusion. The first and foremost attraction of a house or any corporate building starts from its main door. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a quality auto sliding gate so that you can increase three things literally; comfort, safety, and the price put on it of course.


The Different Types of Security Doors Available in the Market are Described Below:

1. Cast Iron Grille – this type of door has an aluminum frame with cast iron grille. It works well for the people who wish to match the style and the architecture of the home. With iron as the core metal, cast iron grill security doors will ensure your strength and durability. One should know that the cast iron is quite heavy and involves a strong frame so that it can support the weight of iron.

2. Decorative Grilles – these totally depend upon the style of the customer. They are flexible and can be customized according to one’s own choice and needs. You can add your own style to your security doors by adding different shapes and patterns to these doors.  These exist because of the needs of the customers to add a beauty quotient to their security doors.

3. Stainless Steel Security Wire – With a three-locker system, this door is fitted using stainless steel with heavy iron mesh. It is nearly impossible to break through this door as this is one of the strongest doors you can have to ensure full security and durability. As it is one of the strongest, it is also one of the most expensive of all your options types of security door available.

4. Small Diamond Grille – this door is suitable for small houses and offices which are at a high risk of thieves. These security doors have small holes and a grille made of aluminum which prevents any kind of entry of strangers. They are prevented from entering the house because of the minor work on the door.

5. Standard Diamond Grille – one of the most common types of security door available in the market, it is also affordable. With a strong aluminum frame and grille, this door is the most common choice for home-builders. It is an aluminum frame with grille prevents the stranger’s hand to fit into the door. Thus, break in not allowed if the stranger uses this kind of a door.

The security doors are made up of a variety of metals, but aluminum frames are popular because of its versatility. Most of the popular companies manufacturing these doors produce aluminum doors. Iron is not very popular since they tend to rust after a certain period. Steel framed doors are also heavier and thus they need special care and maintenance.

Thus, the 5 types of security doors mentioned above are all the different types of doors available in the market and choose the best security doors. The frames are usually made from iron and aluminum which does not leave a lot of options with the user.