Ways A Prefab Home Can Save Your Money

Thinking about finally building a new home but not sure where to start? There are dozens of options for you to choose from and yet it can still get quite confusing if you don’t plan right. It’s always a rule of thumb to do your research and do it well. Weigh out your choices and select the best one.

Well, have you heard about modular or prefabricated homes? What exactly is it? It’s simply a home built offsite. Homes that are constructed in a factory before being shipped to a building site where they are then assembled. It includes the interior fixtures and amenities. You can even upgrade certain designs. The building site/lot is of your own choosing. Construction can even be completed in a matter of few weeks!

These type of homes provide custom and energy efficient building solutions. Modular or prefabricated homes also go into a foundation just like any other home. They can be high-quality, modern and well-designed houses. Prefab homes can be right for you especially with a team set to work with you from concept to completion. And they are typically affordable than traditionally built homes. They are also constructed according to state or local building codes and meet the same building codes as traditional stick-built construction.

Building a home is a huge investment and price is one of the biggest factors that come into play. So, are prefabricated homes cheaper? It can vary depending on the specifications on each project. But there are definitely ways it can save you more money.


Reduced Waste and Energy

When building traditionally, there can be a lot of waste from excess materials from unused wooden panels to tins of paint. You’re paying more money material than you actually need. With building homes in modules, waste can be greatly reduced as a system is followed to ensure the right materials are put into use and maximized. Material costs are limited and there is an exact calculation on the amount of material needed that goes into the module of the home.

Most modular homes are made to be sustainable and/or green. Meaning the builder aims for energy efficient designs. This will save you huge amounts on your energy bill in the long run. Monthly expenses will be substantially less. Also, prefab home builders buy their products in bulk thus passing the savings on to the buyer. Plus, more premium brands will be available at reduced prices. If you think you’re being charged too much for an appliance, ask your contractor to see if you can get it for less or maybe even get a discount.


Labor and Time Efficiency

There are multiple group of subcontractors like plumbers, electricians and painters that come in to do separate designated tasks in a traditional build. And you have to admit that work may sometimes get delayed by other subcontractors. It can cause even more delays towards completion. With prefab build, the typical delays caused by weather is minimized as opposed to a traditional build.

With panels or modules built in the factory, it takes fewer workers over the course of fewer days to make a prefab home move-in ready. This means it requires fewer man-hours and the cost lower. That actually saves you money. These type of labor can be more managed effectively resulting to faster and getting more efficient work done.

Your home is built faster and can be set up relatively quick compared to on-site homes which can take several months longer to build. Out of pocket expenses can pile up if you end up renting a place to live for the months your home is built. And it doesn’t help if you also have a mortgage to pay for the new house.


Less Travel Expenses

Traveling to and from your site everyday can take much of your time along with a growing hole in your pocket. This is one of the main challenges involved in an onsite home build. Transport of building materials, equipment and the list goes on. Since prefab homes are built in a supervised facility, completion rate is high and when it’s ready it can be easily transported to your site. Less back and forth. Less on travel expenses. Less hole in your pockets!


High Quality

Prefab homes have significantly improved over the years. They are built to withstand shipping so builders ensure it is sturdy to transport and situate in the foundation of the building site. It goes through intense quality control. Builders aim for high standards on building prefab homes. The modular pieces of a prefab home have tight seams and state-of-the-art windows keep heat in which reduce your energy bills in the process. Prefab homes’ tight construction are said to have a reputation for being able to withstand natural disasters.

Options are provided for you to personalize your home suited to your taste. Like with any other home, prefab builds can be expanded. You can essentially customize a prefab home. In addition, modular homes appraise the same as their on-site built counterparts do and do not depreciate in value. It is important to shop around when considering a prefab home. Not all companies make factory-built homes alike. There can be significant differences in quality, price and service. Get as much information as you can to make an informed decision. You’ll be more confident to move forward with your choices knowing you have taken all things into great consideration.

If you don’t have the total home cost ready, prefab homes qualify for construction and home loans. Manufacturers sometimes are prepared to help you find suitable financing favorable to you to get construction started. Don’t be afraid to talk to the manufacturer about cost-cutting strategies available to you. Bottom line is, the cost of a prefab home will vary depending on how much you’re willing to spend on your home design specifications. With a simple yet elegant idea, a prefab home can save you money. Your dream home is possible!

Photo by Kaboompics.com from Pexels