The Top Reasons To Install An Indoor Water Feature

If you specialise in plantscaping, you probably already have a good understanding of how bringing natural elements like plants indoors can create a more relaxing and healthy space. Along with plants, water is another natural element that can successfully be added to an interior space through the use of indoor water features.

Water Features Come In All Shapes And Sizes

From tiny tabletop fountains to large indoor ponds, there are countless different types of water features that can be installed in interior spaces. Some of these water features are easy to maintain while others are a little bit more labor-intensive. The type of water feature that is appropriate for your client depends on how much space they have available and the overall effect that they are going for. Large spaces may benefit from high-impact water features such as tiered fountains or indoor ponds. Smaller spaces, on the other hand, typically can get by with smaller water features like tabletop fountains or wall fountains. No matter what type of water feature is used, the benefits of running water are hard to deny.

Water Features Add A Relaxing Element To An Indoor Space

One reason why indoor water features are so popular is because they help create a relaxing space. Businesses, in particular, can benefit from the use of indoor water fountains and other water features since the sound of running water can help reduce stress for employees. This can increase productivity while at the same time creating a happier, more peaceful work environment. Moving water also creates a soft background sound that can be beneficial for masking unwanted noises. This can make it easier for employees to concentrate. Hospitals and dental clinics can also benefit from indoor water features since the sound of the water moving can help patients relax before undergoing appointments or procedures.

Water Features Produce Negative Ions

Negative ions, which are naturally created by moving water, have been shown to have many positive benefits – especially when used in areas where these ions have been depleted through the use of air-conditioning units or electronic devices.

According to the author Pierce J Howard, Ph.D., negative ions can increase the amount of oxygen in the brain. This can translate into an increase in alertness and mental energy while at the same time reducing drowsiness. He says that negative ions may also provide protection from airborne germs. This can reduce common symptoms like sneezing, coughing, or sore throats.

According to WebMD, negative ions also may have the added bonus of boosting the body’s serotonin levels. This mood-enhancing chemical helps promote a sense of happiness and well-being, counteracting the effects of depression. Introducing negative ions into the workplace through the use of a water feature is a great way to keep employees feeling alert, focused, and at ease.

Water Features Humidify The Air

Another reason why so many interior landscapers choose to install water features is because they do an excellent job of humidifying the air in indoor environments. The moving water naturally increases humidity levels in the area surrounding the water feature. This can help counteract the drying effect of air conditioners and heating systems. Having adequate humidity levels is essential for creating a comfortable environment. Not only that but an increase in humidity can benefit indoor plants, as well. If you’re interested in installing one, then check out Soothing Walls.

When creating interior landscapes, it is worth considering adding indoor water features. Not only are they a beautiful addition to an interior space but they also provide a number of mental and physical benefits. Informing your clients about these benefits is a great way to encourage them to add a water feature to their space. The water feature can be as simple or as elaborate as the client wants. Whether they opt for something simple like a small fountain or something more involved like an indoor pond surrounded by beautiful greenery, water features can make a real difference in the overall look and feel of a space.

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