Nottingham Students: Private Renting or Student Accommodation?

When you’re a student, you are faced with a lot of decisions that might seem overwhelming. One of the biggest decisions surrounds where to live when you go to university, whether it be your first year or your final year.

For students who go to Nottingham University or another university/college in Nottingham, the decision is equally as hard. In Nottingham, there are many different areas which are great for students to live in. These include Dunkirk, Lenton, the Aboretum and the City Centre. Below we talk you through which might be the best option for you.

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation often gets a bad name for being cramped and full of parties. Not all student accommodation is like this, however, and Nottingham student accommodation has lots of options for you to choose from. Many of these places are close to colleges and universities and offer great deals.

It is also important to consider that most student accommodation buildings offer bills such as gas and electricity, internet and social areas together with the rent so that you have less to worry about. Student accommodation is also a great way of making friends who you can explore Nottingham with.

One of the best places to stay if you’re a student in Nottingham is the Almero Student Mansions. They offer whole houses or flats which are both modern and traditional. For example, you can find yourself a beautiful home for only £110 per person, per week. This includes security, bills and internet so you don’t need to worry about a thing!

Private Renting

If student accommodation isn’t something that you’re interested in, its also good to look at private renting options – whether it be a flat or a house. This option is also often chosen by students in their second or third years who want to live with friends and don’t fancy student accommodation anymore.

In Nottingham, student houses tend to have discounted rent which averages out at about £65-£90 a week. Its also important to note that you will need to pay your rent directly to your landlord and a deposit may be required. You should get your deposit back when you move out, depending on any deductions that the landlord may make due to the state of the flat. It will however cost around one month’s rent, so you should consider this when choosing a private rental.

Other considerations for private renting include paying for bills for things such as electricity, gas and internet. Some landlords may include this in the rent, but you may need to set up and pay for these things by yourself.

Our Verdict

We think that Nottingham has some great properties on offer. Choosing between private renting and student accommodation totally depends on how much you’re willing to spend and the level of responsibility that you want to take on. We do recommend student accommodation like Almero Student Mansions though if you want somewhere amazing to spend your time at University!