Timber Decking Advantages and Planning

The very idea of a deck brings into mind, the picture of a rustic wooden platform with nice props and supports on the sides, open space around for great view and comfortable aerated seating etc. The inception of the idea also brings several other things in the mind. So if you really want a deck around, then you will have to consider a few things.

Material of the deck

A deck is made of wood conventionally. But there are many other materials to construct a deck. Engineered wood, aluminum, and PVC type materials are also used in making a deck. But the best feel comes from real wood, as wood has its own texture, feel, and show, which brings out the real wooden grace.

What is the best material for a deck?

The best material for a deck is undoubtedly wood. And these days, a lot of treatment mechanisms for wood have come up to chemically treat wood such that it may withstand the forces and elements of nature in a better way to adhere to the parameters of durability.

Some of the factors which you must check with your deck maker or timber providers are:

  • The timber must be obtained from very high quality hard wood
  • It must be treated enough to be weather and fire resistant
  • It must not swell and shrink much with weather
  • It must be resistant to molds and fungi
  • It should not be creaky
  • It should be well textured and polished
  • The timber must not split, peel or warp after a few seasons
  • The wood should not absorb water and rot
  • It should be non-toxic and safe for the family members, pets and children.

Chemically treated timber is one of the best things to start with your project of decking.

Styling the deck

For the planning and styling of the deck, estimating the amount of timber is needed, the height of deck, and the area should also be known. Hence, you will have to talk to a deck construction expert. They are experts in patio making, landscaping, pool side designing, who can help you form the basic plan from scratch and finalize the whole thing. For ordering the best timber for deck construction, find deck timber manufacturers and sellers online who would deliver in your area. This will give you much scope of research, while surfing through reviews of people through a wide demography.

Timber decking with styling

If you believe that timber decking is always plain, and have only one color or look, then you are totally wrong, and would be surprised to find how exciting colors and finishes can be applied to timber made decks. The natural timber color in case of special woods is always preserved with a neutral varnish or polish. But in case of plain timber, many other tints and polishes can be applied trouvé sur ce site. You may even coat it with paint, and color it as per the property theme.

Timber helps increase the property value and aesthetics

Timber Decking
Timber Decking

Timber adds value to your property. You may use engineered wood, or other plastic based materials for decking. But when considering the property for sale, they won’t help you fetch extra value which you invested while installing the deck. The economic feature of other cheap materials may only be a relief initially while installing, but won’t add to the property value. Timber, on the other hand, is a direct addition to value, and will help you not just beautify the place, but also fetch more money on the resale value.

There are various exciting timber deck designs which you may surf to get idea of how to plan your deck.