Top Things to Consider Before Selling Your House

Selling a property isn’t as straightforward and quick as it used to be. These days, there are a number of things sellers need to do before they can proceed with a sale. If you’re thinking of selling your home, here you’ll discover the top things you need to consider before putting it on the market.

Getting an Energy Performance Certificate

One of the major requirements sellers need before they can place their house on the market is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This provides perspective buyers with information regarding how energy efficient the home is and how much it’s likely to cost to fuel the property. It can also highlight ways to reduce energy use, in turn saving the buyer money.

This certificate is valid for 10 years and it rates your property from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient (and most attractive) rating.

Taking care of repairs and renovations

If you’re looking to get the maximum asking price for your home, you’re going to need to make sure any repairs and renovations are taken care of. A surveyor will be able to tell you whether any major work needs completing in order to meet health and safety guidelines. However, it’s also worth looking into the little things.

Did you know for example, that there are various must-have features buyers look out for? These include reliable phone and Wi-Fi signals, double glazing and off-road parking.

How are you going to sell it?

Your actually have quite a few options available to you when it comes to where to sell your property qucikly. You no longer have to deal with high-street estate agents if you don’t want to. Known for charging significant fees, high-street agents are now quickly being replaced with cheaper online estate agents. Online agencies such as Hatched, make the selling process easy at a much more affordable cost.

Of course, you can also choose to sell the house privately and list it online, but this option is a lot riskier and requires you to have in-depth knowledge of the legal side of selling a property.

Overall, deciding to sell is a big decision and it’s not something you can rush into. The above factors are some of the top things you need to think about before listing your property for sale. Ensuring the home is in excellent condition and includes some of the must-have features buyers are looking for, will guarantee you a much faster, more profitable sale.