Quickslide produces windows as furniture with the new Living Oak sliding sash window

As part of Quickslide’s pursuit to encourage homeowners to consider windows and doors as furniture the company’s design team has added ‘Living Oak’, one of the most authentic woodgrain foils ever developed, to the options available for its Vertical Sliding Sash window.

Living Oak, with the unmistakeable silver-grey lustre of weathered vintage timber including authentic knots and hand-sawing grooves, is the latest addition to Quickslide’s already comprehensive range of finishes, textures, and woodgrains, joining existing classics like Irish Oak, Golden Oak and Cherrywood.

In the continuing quest for authenticity, Quickslide also prepares windows using a state of the art seamless welder. Combined with the embossed and distressed rustic woodgrain and a choice of traditional furniture, buyers can choose an authentic-looking period window that offers the most advanced energy efficiency and security.

Sales & Marketing Director, Tom Swallow commented:

“This is one of the most authentic heritage foils we have seen in a long time and we had no hesitation in adding it to our range straight away,”

“Nothing is growing in demand faster than heritage foils, especially on classical window styles like our authentic Sliding Sash and judging by early reaction from installer partners and consumers, it will be another winner.”

Quickslide was one of the pioneers of bringing the classic Sliding Sash into the mainstream market, matching an authentic appearance with high-spec energy efficiency, security, and weather resistance. That window has now evolved through continuous improvement over two decades to include industry-leading features like seamless welding, deep bottom rail, authentic Georgian bars, and hardware options, option of run-through horns, as well as modern twists like trickle vents and quick-release tilt arms.

The range of sash windows from Quickslide have been widely acclaimed – the latest development of the Quickslide sliding sash has been shortlisted as ‘Window of the Year’ in the Build-It Awards because of its appearance, with many innovative features and ancillary features on this model but also because it operates more smoothly and easily due to developments in its mechanism and assembly. Installation has also been considered with quick release sashes to assist transporting and installing on higher floors.

Yorkshire-based Quickslide is best-known for its sliding sash windows but also manufactures a wide range of other styles of windows and doors for trade and commercial customers.