3 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is that part of the house where the family and guests sit together, eat, relax, watch TV, and spend leisure time during the day. Prima facie, kitchen sounds like just the place for cooking and dining, but it can be crafted and designed to use it as a multi-purpose area. Generally while finalising the setup for furnishing of the kitchen we mainly focus on the cook-top and the sink area but we often ignore the other furnishing elements like the luxury kitchen appliances and sitting area, things which have a good portion in the German kitchen designs. German kitchens in London provides practical solutions for designing a kitchen.

Listed below are the solutions to three common mistakes that people generally commit while designing their kitchen:


1. Stick to the golden triangle rule

You must be wondering about the concept of ‘golden triangle’ in your kitchen. Well, the proximity between your sink, cooking area, and refrigerator is termed as the golden triangle. According to German kitchen engineering, these three areas should be only a few steps away from each other as they are frequently used together during cooking and serving. There are some kitchen designs in which the freeze is placed off to one side or away from the kitchen, which is a huge mistake and must be avoided unless you are falling short of space in the kitchen. It’s better to prepare a blueprint for the whole furnishing beforehand.


2. Focusing more on the fancy things rather than the crucial basics

It’s great to have a beautiful kitchen with fancy flooring, lightening, glittering cook-top, etc. but it’s better to be more practical while dividing your investment between the luxury kitchen appliances and the mandatory ones. It’s a fact that most used parts of your kitchen fall at least in the display area. Those parts include the inside of cupboards, handles, sink, and the cooker. As suggested by German kitchens London, for a more practical and comfortable kitchen, it’s essential to have functional storage space inside the cupboards, long-lasting handles, a large sink, enough countertop space, and an excellent hob-space area. You should also consider the expenses on the maintenance of the luxury item at a later point of time before finalizing them.


3. Try to set up the kitchen island

A kitchen island is a virtual area that allows a dine-in space inside the kitchen itself. A good reason for setting up the island area is to let enough space to walk around in the kitchen even if all the cupboards or even the refrigerator is open. Apart from the dining space, you should consider adding a bar tool or an in-kitchen vacuum cleaner also. If you don’t have enough space for a four-legged table, then you can even add a folding one. There’s an important thing to note, and that is to never opt for the island space while comprising your cooking area. Always remember while designing your kitchen, first things should come first.