Pros and cons of heating your home with natural gas

Whether you’re looking to replace your current heating system or just looking into all the available options, natural gas has probably crossed your mind. Many homeowners use this system to heat their homes. You’re probably wondering whether or not it’s a good investment for your home. Natural gas has its pros and cons and it’s important that you get to know them before making your decision.

It’s also easy to find a reliable company that can give you a trusted and high-quality service if you know how to search correctly. Many gas and heating companies have certified gas engineers in your alocal area who can install your gas appliances safely.


1. Gas is pretty cheap

Natural gas is relatively inexpensive. When you compare it to other sources of energy, it’s pretty cheap. It’s one of the many reasons why heating your home with natural gas is so popular these days. It is easily transported and delivered to homes, which keeps the prices low and accessible.

The infrastructure for natural gas is convenient enough that switching over to another energy source becomes pointless. It would be an expensive endeavor that would yield worse results than sticking to natural gas.


2. Not exactly sustainable

Gas isn’t like wind or solar energy. It’s a limited resource that will eventually run out. Much like other fuels, it’s can’t be a long-term solution for any energy plan. The world is facing a growing energy problem and natural gas is a band-aid that is delaying the inevitable.
However, it’s not something that should worry homeowners any time soon. There are still countless reserves of natural gas that are unused, which means that it’s not going to run out while your home is still standing. Consider renewable sources of energy for the sake of investing in the future, if nothing else.


3. Easy to maintain

There’s nothing particularly difficult when it comes to using natural gas as a source of energy. The infrastructure to get it from a refinery to your home is already in place and convenient. Countless homes in Australia use gas systems and run just fine. Your home’s gas system is a safe and reliable way to stay warm throughout the winter. With this level of convenience, it’s hard to argue against using gas.

The system still needs to be maintained, however. Occasionally, you might run into leaks and pipe troubles. Gas heating issues aren’t difficult problems to solve. Homeowners simply contact local experts like Canberra Plumbing and the issues are quickly resolved. Worst case scenario, a leak puts a small dent in your bill. As long as you get experts on the job, you shouldn’t ever have long-term problems with gas heating.


4. Cleaner than most other sources

Despite being a non-renewable source, natural gas isn’t all that bad for the environment. It releases moderate amounts of carbon dioxide when combusted, but it doesn’t introduce any other significant pollutants into the atmosphere. Compared to fossil fuels, it’s miles ahead in terms of cleanliness and environmental friendliness.

Natural gas doesn’t produce any soot, either. It’s looked at as one of the cleaner forms of non-renewable energy. Transitioning from fossil fuels to natural gas is considered a step in the right direction. While renewable sources are still preferred, natural gas can be useful until the infrastructure can support completely clean sources.


5. Rental fees

If you use natural gas to heat your home, that probably means you have to keep your own tank. This might add to the overall cost of your natural gas bill. You’re responsible for your gas tank and you need to inspect and maintain it. If there are leaks or corrosion, this needs to be taken care of pronto.

Most natural gas tanks aren’t directly sold to consumers. Instead, energy companies rent them out and charge a fee. The monthly rental fee for a natural gas tank might not be much, but it’s still an additional cost you need to address. It’s a small disadvantage, despite the normally low price of natural gas heating.


6. Minimal health hazards

Burning natural gas is pretty safe for your household. The byproducts are few and far between. When natural gas combusts, it releases minimal amounts of carbon monoxide and sulfur compounds. These aren’t created in large enough numbers to harm you, which means you don’t have to worry about your household being in danger.

There are no airborne particles like soot that can harm airways or cause allergies, either. You get to enjoy a whole bunch of benefits without having to worry about any hazards to your health.


7. It’s flammable

The most obvious disadvantage of natural gas is that it’s volatile and flammable. The fact that it’s so easy to burn is used to make it a viable fuel, but it’s also something that makes it dangerous, Natural gas tanks are generally safe, but there’s always a risk of fires and explosions.

This doesn’t mean that these are common problems that homeowners encounter. Generally, as long as the gas tank is properly maintained and all leaks are taken care of, you shouldn’t have to worry about any dangerous explosions.



Natural gas is a perfectly viable option for heating a home. This is why many Australian homes use natural gas. The many benefits that it provides make it difficult to pass up. As long as you get to know the ins and outs of natural gas and how it works, you should be able to make an informed decision.


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